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Mutschler R (2012) Regenerative mitochondrial medicine – from basic research to medical practice. Mitochondr Physiol Network 17.12.

Link: MiPNet17.12 Bioblast 2012 - Open Access

Mutschler R (2012)

Event: Bioblast 2012

Rainer Mutschler

Where mitochondria are damaged and energy production is reduced, there are resulting deseases and malfunctioning of tissue and organs. The most important tool in regenerative mitochondrial medicine during treatment of secondary mitochondropathia is to avoid the causing noxes. Further, very important parts in regenerative mitochondrial medicine are orthomolecular therapy, nutritional therapy and microbiological intestinal therapy as well as treating the milieu. The latest novelty is focussing on the amygdala for neurostress reduction.

  1. Mutschler R Regenerative Mitochondrien-Medizin - von der Forschung in die Praxis (2012) Zs f Orthomol Med 10: 20-22.

Keywords: Regenerative mitochondrial medicine


Stress:Mitochondrial disease  Organism: Human 

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CFI Centrum für Integrative Medizin Speyer, KompetenzCentrum für Ganzheitliche Gesundheit und Gesundheitsförderung, Speyer, Germany; Email: