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Doucet 2018 Mol PharmacolDoucet MS, Jougleux JL, Poirier SJ, Cormier M, Leger JL, Surette ME, Pichaud N, Touaibia M, Boudreau LH (2018) Identification of peracetylated quercetin as a selective 12-lipoxygenase pathway inhibitor in human platelets. Mol Pharmacol 95:139-50.2018PMID: 30404890 Open Access
Droese 2011 Mol PharmacolDrΓΆse S, Bleier L, Brandt U (2011) A common mechanism links differently acting Complex II inhibitors to cardioprotection: modulation of mitochondrial reactive oxygen species production. Mol Pharmacol 79:814-22.2011PMID:21278232
Soller 2007 Mol PharmacolSoller M, DrΓΆse S, Brandt U, BrΓΌne B, von Knethen A (2007) Mechanism of Thiazolidinedione-dependent cell death in Jurkat T cells. Mol Pharmacol 71:1535-44.2007PMID: 17325128 Open Access
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