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MitoPedia: SUIT C

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In the Library of SUIT protocols
» MitoPedia: SUIT - SUIT concept and a list of all SUIT protocols in the library of SUIT protocols.
»A: MitoPedia: SUIT A - these are SUIT protocols used for cohort studies.
»B: MitoPedia: SUIT B - these are published SUIT protocols considered less suitable for cohort studies.
»C: MitoPedia: SUIT C - you are here: these are SUIT protocols used for exploratory research.
See also:
» O2k-Protocols: O2k-Demo experiments

Library of SUIT protocols: SUIT C

SUIT codeSUIT numberSUIT categoryCoupling/pathway control diagramO2k-ApplicationReference
1OctM;2D;3PG;4S;5U;6Rot-FNS(Oct,PGM)1OctM;2D;3PG;4S;5U;6Rot-.pngO2C MiPNet18.13 IOC84 Alaska
1PGM;2D;3S;4U;5Rot-NS(PGM)1PGM;2D;3S;4U;5Rot-.pngO2C MiPNet18.13 IOC84 Alaska
1PGM;2D;3U;4S;5Rot-NS(PGM)1PGM;2D;3U;4S;5Rot-.pngO2C MiPNet18.13 IOC84 Alaska
SUIT-003 Ce1;ce1P;ce3U;ce4Glc;ce5M;ce6Rot;ce7S;1Dig;1c;2Ama;3AsTm;4AzdcePMGlc,SCe1;ce1P;ce3U;ce4Glc;ce5M;ce6Rot;ce7S;1Dig;1c;2Ama;3AsTm;4Azd.pngO2C SUIT-003 Coupling control protocol and respirometric cell viability test (CCV protocol) without oligomycin.
SUIT-003 O2 ce-pce D013D013_ce1;ce1P;ce2Omy;ce3U;ce3Glc;ce3M;ce4Rot;ce5S;1Dig;1U;1c;2Ama;3AsTm;4AzdCCVP-Glc,MCe1;ce1P;ce2Omy;ce3U;ce4Glc;ce5M;ce6Rot;ce7S;1Dig;1c;2Ama;3AsTm;4Azd.pngO2C - SUIT-003
SUIT-003 O2 ce-pce D018D018_ce1;ce1P;ce2Omy;ce3U;ce3Glc;ce4Rot;ce5S;1Dig;1c;2Ama;3AsTm;4AzdCCVP-GlcCe1;ce1P;ce2Omy;ce3U;ce4Glc;ce5Rot;ce6S;1Dig;1U;1c;2Ama;3AsTm;4Azd.pngO2C SUIT-003 Second version of the Coupling control protocol and respirometric cell viability test (CCV protocol)