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MitoCanada Foundation

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MitoCanada Foundation



The MitoCanada Foundation.

The MitoCanada Foundation is Canada’s only not-for-profit organization focused on mitochondrial disease. Since its founding in 2010, MitoCanada has dedicated over $1 million to fund the work of leading Canadian scientists and to support national awareness and support programs.

The MitoCanada Foundation is committed to ensuring that those who live with mitochondrial disease are able to enjoy the best possible quality of life until there is a cure.

TeamMito is MitoCanada’s grassroots awareness and fundraising program that turns people’s sports passions into special events and athletic feats to bring attention to mitochondrial disorders.

Abbreviation: mitoCanada


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  • Advance Research
INVEST in teams at leading mitochondrial research centres across Canada, offering scientists support for basic, translational and clinical research.
PROMOTE innovative research with high potential to advance knowledge of mitochondrial disease.
PREPARE leaders in mitochondrial disease research and clinical practice through our scholarship program.
  • Empower Community
ENGAGE people in raising awareness and involving their communities in the cause.
IDENTIFY critical issues facing the MitoCanadian community and convene experts to create solutions.
SUPPORT our advocates working at provincial and federal levels to influence public policy.
  • Increase Knowledge
SEEK AND SHARE answers to questions about mitochondrial disease based on the latest research.
DEVELOP print, video, educational materials and programs based on expressed community needs.
PROVIDE a Canadian source for information and resources about mitochondrial disease.

Contact details


  • David Mosher
Chair, MitoCanada Foundation Board of Directors


MitoCanada Foundation Founder
TeamMito Ambassador and winner of the North American Wings for Life World Run in Niagara Falls 2015

Executive Director

National Executive Director of the MitoCanada Foundation

Business address

MitoCanada Foundation
300-3310 South Service Road
Burlington, ON
Canada L7N 3M6
E-mail: [email protected]


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