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Copenhagen DK, 2013 Aug 26-30. 6th MiPsummer school on Mitochondrial Physiology.

Mitochondrial Physiology Society (2013-08-26) MitoGlobal

Abstract: 6th MiPsummer school on Mitochondrial Physiology, 2013 August 26-30, Copenhagen, Denmark.


Flemming Dela, Prof. Dr. MD. DMSci
The Panum Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
The annual highlight that students of cellular bioenergetics
and mitochondrial physiology cannot afford to miss!!
  • MiPsummer Programme pdf
  • 75 participants - division in morning teams of N=10.
  • Join the MiPsociety - Nobel Price laureate Sir John Walker joined our MiPsociety as an honorary MiPmember at MiPsummer 2012. MiPsummer 2013 is the time for you to give us the honor to become a MiPmember. MiP membership

Welcome address by the chair of the MiPsociety
MiPsummer 2013 - the Mitochondrial Physiology Summer School taking place in Copenhagen in August 2013 โ€“ is the 6th MiPsummer School organized by the Mitochondrial Physiology Society. Starting at the birth place of the MiPsociety (2003) in Schrรถcken in 2007, MiPsummer developed towards a firmly established MiPevent in our scientific community. Following the successful MiPsummer Schools 2007 and 2008 (Schrรถcken, Austria; organized by Erich Gnaiger), 2009 (Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, USA; organized by Steven Hand), 2010 (Druskininkai, Lithuania; organized by Vilma Borutaite), and 2011 (University of Cambridge, UK; organized as a FEBS Workshop by Guy Brown), Flemming Dela kindly agreed to continue our tradition by organizing MiPsummer 2013 at The Panum Institute, University of Copenhagen.
The MiPsummer School is open to graduate students, postdocs, scientists from academia and biotechnology/pharmaceutical companies and related entities. Our aim is to provide information on current concepts and trends in mitochondrial physiology ranging from basic to biomedical and clinical perspectives. Lecturers and students may have different views on โ€˜What is mitochondrial physiologyโ€™. The physiological focus emphasizes the integration of mitochondrial function in cellular metabolism, and principles of bioenergetics provide a fundamental basis for mitochondrial physiology. In addition to introductory lectures and practical demonstrations of cutting-edge techniques applied in mitochondrial physiology, ample time is given to student presentations making MiPsummer a truly interactive event. Potential controversies among proponents of various lines of thought should lead to stimulating discussions, which provide a unique opportunity for critical evaluation of methods and concepts and may be considered as the signature of an actively growing field of research.
MiPsummer is international. Despite its strong base in Europe this MiPevent should spread further to more continents, with a global perspective in cooperation with national and international organizations. To support these aims, we invite all participants of MiPsummer 2013 โ€“ including students and faculty - to join and become members of the MiPsociety, providing a continuing feedback, stimulation, motivation and active participation in integrating mitochondrial physiological research into the big picture of science and medicine.

Erich Gnaiger
Chair, Mitochondrial Physiology Society
Mitochondrial Physiology Society

Medical University of Innsbruck
Department of Visceral, Transplant and Thoracic Surgery
D. Swarovski Research Laboratory
A-6020 Innsbruck, Austria

DISCLAIMER / CONFLICT OF INTEREST: EG is founder and managing director of Oroboros Instrumentsโ€“ www.oroboros.at

Welcome by the local organizer
Dear participants in the MiPsummer 2013
It is my pleasure to welcome you all to this Mitochondrial Physiology Summer School in Copenhagen.
The focus of this yearโ€™s MiPsummer is to combine state-of-art lectures with hands-on analyses of aspects of mitochondrial function and morphology using different technologies. We will present you with several choices of mitochondrial analyses that you can consider in your own research. We do not pretend to provide you with a full training course in these techniques, but hopefully you will by the end of the week have gained a better understanding of the limitations, pit-falls and advantages of many of the currently available techniques to study mitochondria.
An important part of the summer school is to present your own research interest to the other participants, which will hopefully facilitate scientific discussions and enlarge your โ€œmitochondrial networkโ€. The poster presentations will take place on Tuesday 27th and Thursday 29th from 13:30-14:30. Remember to mount your poster already in the morning on the day you should present, which you can see elsewhere in the program. The Poster walk will be chaired, and all presenters are given 3 min to present their poster, with additionally 2 min for questions/answers.
Tuesday and Thursday evening, after the scientific program, we will organize small groups which in an informal way will be guided to areas in the neighbourhood with cafรฉโ€™s, restaurants and bars (not covered by the registration fee). Join at the registration table after the scientific program!
Bikes are at your disposal all week. After you have registered you will be guided to the bike area. The bikes can be used for your transportation during the week, and shall be returned on Friday morning.
Wednesday afternoon we are delighted to invite you all on a guided bike ride through Copenhagen. Pending the weather conditions, there will be a possibility for you to take a swim in the (very clean) water in the harbour! We will end this bike tour with a dinner at a restaurant (included in the registration fee).
Thursday evening the speakers dinner will take place at 19:00. Please look in your conference bag for further details.
If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of the staff members, which are here only to help you!

MiPsummer 2013 course credit: 4.0 ECTS
Welcome to MiPsummer 2013 in Copenhagen.

Flemming Dela
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