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Lukasiak 2010 Abstract IOC60Łukasiak A, Wrzosek A, Chłopicki S, Szewczyk A, Dołowy K (2010) Regulation of endothelial function by large conductance potassium channel opener NS1619. MiPNet15.10.
Kozlov 2010 Abstract IOC60Kozlov AV (2011) Mitochondrial response to shock stimuli in in vitro models. MiPNet15.10.
McKee 2010 Abstract IOC60McKee E, Thomas C, McAbee K, Verwilst L, Thayer T, Chhoy P (2010) Fishing in the mitochondrial deoxynucleotide pools. MiPNet15.10.
Staples 2010 Abstract IOC60Staples JF, Chung DJ, Armstrong C (2010) Fast in, slow out: Kinetics of mitochondrial metabolic suppression during hibernation entrance and arousal. MiPNet15.10.
Pesta 2010 Abstract IOC60Pesta D, Macek C, Hoppel F, Faulhaber M, Burtscher M, Gnaiger E, Schocke M (2010) The impact of endurance training on muscle oxidative capacity. MiPNet15.10.
Rosenfeld 2010 Abstract IOC60Rosenfeld E (2010) Abstract IOC60. MiPNet15.10.
Mark 2010 Abstract IOC60Mark FC (2010) Mitochondrial plasticity and environmental change in Antarctic, Austral and temperate fish and cephalopods. MiPNet15.10.
Itkis 2010 Abstract IOC60Itkis YS (2010) Respirometry application in Leigh disease diagnostic and treatment. MiPNet15.10.
ElBacha 2010 Abstract IOC60El-Bacha T, Abud M, Galina A, Da Poian AT (2010) Bioenergetics of liver mitochondria from mice infected with Dengue virus. MiPNet15.10.
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