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Mark specifications - DatLab


Mark specifications in DatLab allow the user to rename Marks in the active plot and save/recall the settings. Rename marks individually by clicking into the horizontal bar, or use corresponding templates for renaming the entire sequence of marks.

MitoPedia O2k and high-resolution respirometry: DatLab 

Mark specifications (name, state, concentration and volume) are shown from the active plot. Define the template name and save template.

Select a Template, left click on preview from template, and rename all marks of the plot, including the state, concentration and volume.


Reference mark names in DatLab 7

Reference mark names Description SUIT protocol Reference
MiPNet08.09_IntactCells Coupling control protocol (ceCCP) in intact cells. 1ce;2ceOmy;3ceU- MiPNet08.09 CellRespiration

MiPNet10.04_IntactCells Coupling control protocol (ceCCP) in intact cells using TIP2k for automatic uncoupler titrations. 1ce;2ceOmy;3ceU- MiPNet10.04 CellRespiration

MiPNet21.06 RP1pce
MiPNet21.06 RP2pce
MiPNet21.06 RP1mt
MiPNet21.06 RP2mt

Library of SUIT protocols MitoPedia: SUIT protocols