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Torcasio 2024 J Transl MedTorcasio R, Gallo Cantafio ME, Veneziano C, De Marco C, Ganino L, Valentino I, Occhiuzzi MA, Perrotta ID, Mancuso T, Conforti F, Rizzuti B, Martino EA, Gentile M, Neri A, Viglietto G, Grande F, Amodio N (2024) Targeting of mitochondrial fission through natural flavanones elicits anti-myeloma activity. J Transl Med 22:208. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12967-024-05013-02024PMID: 38413989 Open Access
Awad-Igbaria 2023 J Transl MedAwad-Igbaria Y, Ferreira N, Keadan A, Sakas R, Edelman D, Shamir A, Francous-Soustiel J, Palzur E (2023) HBO treatment enhances motor function and modulates pain development after sciatic nerve injury via protection the mitochondrial function. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12967-023-04414-x2023J Transl Med 21:545. PMID: 37582750 Open Access
Krause 2023 J Transl MedKrause J, Nickel A, Madsen A, Aitken-Buck HM, Stoter AMS, Schrapers J, Ojeda F, Geiger K, Kern M, Kohlhaas M, Bertero E, Hofmockel P, Hรผbner F, Assum I, Heinig M, Mรผller C, Hansen A, Krause T, Park DD, Just S, Aรฏssi D, Bรถrnigen D, Lindner D, Friedrich N, Alhussini K, Bening C, Schnabel RB, Karakas M, Iacoviello L, Salomaa V, Linneberg A, Tunstall-Pedoe H, Kuulasmaa K, Kirchhof P, Blankenberg S, Christ T, Eschenhagen T, Lamberts RR, Maack C, Stenzig J, Zeller T (2023) An arrhythmogenic metabolite in atrial fibrillation. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12967-023-04420-z2023J Transl Med 21:566. PMID: 37620858 Open Access
Gratl 2021 J Transl MedGratl A, Pesta D, Gruber L, Speichinger F, Raude B, Omran S, Greiner A, Frese JP (2021) The effect of revascularization on recovery of mitochondrial respiration in peripheral artery disease: a case control study. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12967-021-02908-0J2021Transl Med 19:244. PMID: 34088309 Open Access
Juarez-Flores 2018 J Transl MedJuรกrez-Flores DL, Gonzรกlez-Casacuberta I, Ezquerra M, Baรฑรณ M, Carmona-Pontaque F, Catalรกn-Garcรญa M, Guitart-Mampel M, Rivero JJ, Tobias E, Milisenda JC, Tolosa E, Marti MJ, Fernรกndez-Santiago R, Cardellach F, Morรฉn C, Garrabou G (2018) Exhaustion of mitochondrial and autophagic reserve may contribute to the development of LRRK2G2019S -Parkinson's disease. J Transl Med 16:160.2018PMID: 29884186 Open Access
Van Schaardenburgh 2017 J Transl Medvan Schaardenburgh M, Wohlwend M, Rognmo ร˜, Mattsson EJR (2017) Exercise in claudicants increase or decrease walking ability and the response relates to mitochondrial function. J Transl Med 15:130.2017PMID: 28592294 Open Access
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