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Robertson 2023 J Cell SciRobertson GL, Riffle S, Patel M, Bodnya C, Marshall A, Beasley HK, Garza-Lopez E, Shao J, Vue Z, Hinton A, Stoll MS, de Wet S, Theart RP, Chakrabarty RP, Loos B, Chandel NS, Mears JA, Gama V (2023) DRP1 mutations associated with EMPF1 encephalopathy alter mitochondrial membrane potential and metabolic programs. Cell Sci 136:jcs260370. PMID: 36763487 Open Access
Zhao 2022 J Cell SciZhao Q, Yan S, Lu J, Parker DJ, Wu H, Sun Q, Crossman DK, Liu S, Wang Q, Sesaki H, Mitra K, Liu K, Jiao K (2022) Drp1 regulates transcription of ribosomal protein genes in embryonic hearts. Cell Sci 135:jcs258956. PMID: 35099001 Open Access
Hijazi 2020 J Cell SciHijazi I, Knupp J, Chang A (2020) Retrograde signaling mediates an adaptive survival response to endoplasmic reticulum stress. J Cell Sci 133:jcs241539.2020PMID: 32005698
Deutschman 2019 J Cell SciDeutschman E, Ward JR, Kumar A, Ray G, Welch N, Lemieux ME, Dasarathy S, Longworth MS (2019) Condensin II protein dysfunction impacts mitochondrial respiration and mitochondrial oxidative stress responses. J Cell Sci 132:jcs233783.2019PMID: 31653782 Open Access
Bastow 2016 J Cell SciBastow EL, Peswani AR, Tarrant DS, Pentland DR, Chen X, Morgan A, Staniforth GL, Tullet JM, Rowe ML, Howard MJ, Tuite MF, Gourlay CW (2016) New links between SOD1 and metabolic dysfunction from a yeast model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. J Cell Sci 129:4118-29.2016PMID: 27656112 Open Access
Huai 2013 J Cell SciHuai J, Vögtle FN, Jöckel L, Li Y, Kiefer T, Ricci JE, Borner C (2013) TNFα-induced lysosomal membrane permeability (LMP) is downstream of MOMP and triggered by caspase-mediated p75 cleavage and ROS formation. J Cell Sci 126:4015-25.2013PMID: 23788428
Macchi 2013 J Cell SciMacchi M, El Fissi N, Tufi R, Bentobji M, Liévens JC, Martins LM, Royet J, Rival T (2013) The Drosophila inner-membrane protein PMI controls crista biogenesis and mitochondrial diameter. J Cell Sci 126:814-24.2013PMID: 23264743 Open Access
Kotiadis 2012 J Cell SciKotiadis VN, Leadsham JE, Bastow EL, Gheeraert A, Whybrew JM, Bard M, Lappalainen P, Gourlay CW (2012) Identification of new surfaces of Cofilin that link mitochondrial function to the control of multi-drug resistance. J Cell Sci 125:2288-99.2012PMID: 22344251
Hagenbuchner 2012 J Cell SciHagenbuchner J, Kuznetsov AV, Hermann M, Hausott B, Obexer P, Ausserlechner MJ (2012) FOXO3-induced reactive oxygen species are regulated by BCL2L11 (Bim) and SESN3. J Cell Sci 125:1191-1203.2012PMID: 22349704
Heeman 2011 J Cell SciHeeman B, Van den Haute C, Aelvoet SA, Valsecchi F, Rodenburg RJ, Reumers V, Debyser Z, Callewaert G, Koopman WJ, Willems PH, Baekelandt V (2011) Depletion of PINK1 affects mitochondrial metabolism, calcium homeostasis and energy maintenance. J Cell Sci 124:1115-25.2011PMID: 21385841 Open Access
Benard 2007 J Cell SciBenard G, Bellance N, James D, Parrone P, Fernandez H, Letellier T, Rossignol R (2007) Mitochondrial bioenergetics and structural network organization. J Cell Sci 120:838-48.2007