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J Cell Physiol

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Journal title and website Journal of Cellular Physiology


Altinok 2019 J Cell PhysiolAltinok O, Poggio JL, Stein DE, Bowne WB, Shieh AC, Snyder NW, Orynbayeva Z (2019) Malate-aspartate shuttle promotes l-lactate oxidation in mitochondria. J Cell Physiol 235:2569-81.2019PMID: 31490559
Song 2018 J Cell PhysiolSong Y, Gao L, Tang Z, Li H, Sun B, Chu P, Qaed E, Ma X, Peng J, Wang S, Hu M, Tang Z (2018) Anticancer effect of SZC015 on pancreatic cancer via mitochondria-dependent apoptosis and the constitutive suppression of activated nuclear factor κB and STAT3 in vitro and in vivo. J Cell Physiol 234:777-88.2018PMID: 30078206
Hernandez-Resendiz 2018 J Cell PhysiolHernández-Reséndiz I, Gallardo-Pérez JC, López-Macay A, Robledo-Cadena DX, García-Villa E, Gariglio P, Saavedra E, Moreno-Sánchez R, Rodríguez-Enríquez S (2018) Mutant p53R248Q downregulates oxidative phosphorylation and upregulates glycolysis under normoxia and hypoxia in human cervix cancer cells. J Cell Physiol 234:5524-36.2018PMID: 30272821 Open Access
Zhang 2015 J Cell PhysiolZhang R (2015) MNADK, a long-awaited human mitochondrion-localized NAD kinase. J Cell Physiol 230:1697-701.2015PMID: 25641397
Hoeks 2012 J Cell PhysiolHoeks J, Arany Z, Phielix E, Moonen-Kornips E, Hesselink MK, Schrauwen P (2012) Enhanced lipid -but not carbohydrate- supported mitochondrial respiration in skeletal muscle of PGC-1α overexpressing mice. J Cell Physiol 227:1026-33.2012PMID: 21520076
Sabatelli 2011 J Cell PhysiolSabatelli P, Palma E, Angelin A, Squarzoni S, Urciuolo A, Pellegrini C, Tiepolo T, Bonaldo P, Gualandi F, Merlini L, Bernardi P, Maraldi NM (2011) Critical evaluation of the use of cell cultures for inclusion in clinical trials of patients affected by Collagen VI myopathies. J Cell Physiol DOI: 10.1002/jcp.23039.2011PMID: 21953374
Lambertucci 2008 J Cell PhysiolLambertucci RH, Hirabara SM, Silveira Ldos R, Levada-Pires AC,Curi R,Pithon-Curi TC (2008) Palmitate increases superoxide production through mitochondrial electron transport chain and NADPH oxidase activity in skeletal muscle cells. J Cell Physiol 216:796-804.2008PMID:18446788
Ponsot 2005 J Cell PhysiolPonsot E, Zoll J, N'guessan B, Ribera F, Lampert E, Richard R, Veksler V, Ventura-Clapier R, Mettauer B (2005) Mitochondrial tissue specificity of substrates utilization in rat cardiac and skeletal muscles. J Cell Physiol 203:479-86.2005PMID: 15521069
Sjoestrand 1953 J Cell PhysiolSjoestrand FS (1953) The ultrastructure of the outer segments of rods and cones of the eye as revealed by the electron microscope. J Cell Physiol 42:15-44.1953PMID: 13084705