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Crowder 2022 IsletsCrowder JJ, Zeng Z, Novak AN, Alves NJ, Linnemann AK (2022) Stabilization protects islet integrity during respirometry in the Oroboros Oxygraph-2K analyzer. Islets 14:128-38.2022PMID: 35331085 Open Access
Hals 2016 IsletsHals IK, Singh R, Ma Z, Scholz H, BjΓΆrklund A, Grill V (2016) Culture at low glucose up-regulates mitochondrial function in pancreatic Ξ² cells with accompanying effects on viability. Islets 8:165-76.2016PMID: 27763807 Open Access
Ma 2012 IsletsMa Z, Wirstroem T, Borg H, Larsson-Nyren G, Hals IK, Bondo-Hansen J, Grill V, Bjoerklund A (2012) Diabetes reduces Ξ²-cell mitochondria and induces distinct morphological abnormalities, which are reproducible by high glucose in vitro with attendant dysfunction. Islets V(4) - I(3) - (05-06/2012).2012Preview
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