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Integr Comp Biol

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Journal title and website Integrative and Comparative Biology


Chung 2018 Integr Comp BiolChung DJ, Healy TM, McKenzie JL, Chicco AJ, Sparagna GC, Schulte PM (2018) Mitochondria, temperature, and the pace of life. Integr Comp Biol 58:578-90.2018PMID: 29718252 Open Access
Scott 2018 Integr Comp BiolScott GR, Guo KH, Dawson NJ (2018) The mitochondrial basis for adaptive variation in aerobic performance in high-altitude deer mice. Integr Comp Biol 58:506-18. 29873740 Open Access
Salin 2018 Integr Comp BiolSalin K, Villasevil EM, Anderson GJ, Selman C, Chinopoulos C, Metcalfe NB (2018) The RCR and ATP/O indices can give contradictory messages about mitochondrial efficiency. Integr Comp Biol 58:486-94.2018PMID: 29982616 Open Access