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Nastasi 2024 Int J Mol SciNastasi MR, Borisov VB, Forte E (2024) Membrane-bound redox enzyme cytochrome bd-I promotes carbon monoxide-resistant Escherichia coli growth and respiration. J Mol Sci 25:1277. PMID: 38279276 Open Access
Glombik 2023 Int J Mol SciGlombik K, Kukla-Bartoszek M, Curzytek K, Detka J, Basta-Kaim A, Budziszewska B (2023) The effects of prenatal dexamethasone exposure on brain metabolic homeostasis in adulthood: implications for depression. Int J Mol Sci 24:1156. 36674678 Open Access
Verma 2023 Int J Mol SciVerma A, Azhar G, Zhang X, Patyal P, Kc G, Sharma S, Che Y, Wei JY (2023) P. gingivalis-LPS induces mitochondrial dysfunction mediated by neuroinflammation through oxidative stress. Int J Mol Sci 24:950. 36674463 Open Access
Dabrowska 2023 Int J Mol SciDabrowska A, Zajac M, Bednarczyk P, Lukasiak A (2023) Effect of quercetin on mitoBKCa channel and mitochondrial function in human bronchial epithelial cells exposed to particulate matter. Int J Mol Sci 24:638. 36614079 Open Access
Kobayashi 2023 Int J Mol SciKobayashi A, Takeiwa T, Ikeda K, Inoue S (2023) Roles of noncoding RNAs in regulation of mitochondrial electron transport chain and oxidative phosphorylation. Int J Mol Sci 24:9414. 37298366 Open Access
Pacifico 2023 Int J Mol SciPacifico F, Leonardi A, Crescenzi E (2023) Glutamine metabolism in cancer stem cells: a complex liaison in the tumor microenvironment. Int J Mol Sci 24:2337. 36768660 Open Access
Musicco 2023 Int J Mol SciMusicco C, Signorile A, Pesce V, Loguercio Polosa P, Cormio A (2023) Mitochondria deregulations in cancer offer several potential targets of therapeutic interventions. Int J Mol Sci 24:10420. 37445598 Open Access
Temelie 2023 Int J Mol SciTemelie M, Talpur R, Dominguez-Prieto M, Dantas Silva A, Cenusa C, Craciun L, Savu DI, Moisoi N (2023) Impaired integrated stress response and mitochondrial integrity modulate genotoxic stress impact and lower the threshold for immune signalling. J Mol Sci 24:5891. PMID: 36982965 Open Access
Mueller 2023 Int J Mol SciMüller M, Donhauser E, Maske T, Bischof C, Dumitrescu D, Rudolph V, Klinke A (2023) Mitochondrial integrity is critical in right heart failure development. Int J Mol Sci 24:11108. 37446287 Open Access
Sucha 2023 Int J Mol SciSucha M, Benediktova S, Tichanek F, Jedlicka J, Kapl S, Jelinkova D, Purkartova Z, Tuma J, Kuncova J, Cendelin J (2023) Experimental treatment with edaravone in a mouse model of spinocerebellar ataxia 1. J Mol Sci 24(13):10689. PMID: 37445867 Open Access
Sedlack 2022 Int J Mol SciSedlack AJH, Penjweini R, Link KA, Brown A, Kim J, Park SJ, Chung JH, Morgan NY, Knutson JR (2022) Computational modeling and imaging of the intracellular oxygen gradient. Int J Mol Sci 23:12597. doi: 10.3390/ijms2320125972022PMID: 36293452 Open Access
Bouitbir 2022 Int J Mol SciBouitbir J, Panajatovic MV, Krähenbühl S (2022) Mitochondrial toxicity associated with imatinib and sorafenib in isolated rat heart fibers and the cardiomyoblast H9c2 cell line. Int J Mol Sci 23:2282. Access
Lopes 2022 Int J Mol SciLopes JA, Collino F, Rodrigues-Ferreira C, Sampaio LDS, Costa-Sarmento G, Wendt CHC, Almeida FP, Miranda KR, Kasai-Brunswick TH, Lindoso RS, Vieyra A (2022) Early effects of extracellular vesicles secreted by adipose tissue mesenchymal cells in renal ischemia followed by reperfusion: mechanisms rely on a decrease in mitochondrial anion superoxide production. J Mol Sci 23:2906. PMID: 35328327 Open Access
Mihajlovic 2022 Int J Mol SciMihajlovic M, Vinken M (2022) Mitochondria as the target of hepatotoxicity and drug-induced liver injury: molecular mechanisms and detection methods. J Mol Sci 23:3315. PMID: 35328737 Open Access
Siewiera 2022 Int J Mol SciSiewiera K, Labieniec-Watala M, Kassassir H, Wolska N, Polak D, Watala C (2022) Potential role of mitochondria as modulators of blood platelet activation and reactivity in diabetes and effect of metformin on blood platelet bioenergetics and platelet activation. J Mol Sci 23:3666. PMID: 35409027 Open Access
Dieter 2022 Int J Mol SciDieter F, Esselun C, Eckert GP (2022) Redox active α-lipoic acid differentially improves mitochondrial dysfunction in a cellular model of Alzheimer and its control cells. J Mol Sci 23:9186. PMID: 36012451 Open Access
Zhang 2022 Int J Mol SciZhang A, Gupte AA, Chatterjee S, Li S, Ayala AG, Miles BJ, Hamilton DJ (2022) Enhanced succinate oxidation with mitochondrial complex II reactive oxygen species generation in human prostate cancer. J Mol Sci 23:12168. PMID: 36293021 Open Access
Pallag 2022 Int J Mol SciPallag G, Nazarian S, Ravasz D, Bui D, Komlódi T, Doerrier C, Gnaiger E, Seyfried TN, Chinopoulos C (2022) Proline oxidation supports mitochondrial ATP production when Complex I is inhibited. J Mol Sci 23:5111. PMID: 35563503 Open Access
Babylon 2022 Int J Mol SciBabylon L, Schmitt F, Franke Y, Hubert T, Eckert GP (2022) Effects of combining biofactors on bioenergetic parameters, Aβ levels and survival in Alzheimer model organisms. J Mol Sci 23:8670. PMID: 35955803 Open Access
Goretzki 2022 Int J Mol SciGoretzki A, Lin YJ, Zimmermann J, Rainer H, Junker AC, Wolfheimer S, Vieths S, Scheurer S and Schülke S (2022) Role of Glycolysis and Fatty Acid Synthesis in the Activation and T Cell-Modulating Potential of Dendritic Cells Stimulated with a TLR5-Ligand Allergen Fusion Protein. Int J Mol Sci 23:12695.2022PMID: 36293550 Open Access
Turton 2022 Int J Mol SciTurton N, Cufflin N, Dewsbury M, Fitzpatrick O, Islam R, Watler LL, McPartland C, Whitelaw S, Connor C, Morris C, Fang J, Gartland O, Holt L, Hargreaves IP (2022) The biochemical assessment of mitochondrial respiratory chain disorders. Int J Mol Sci 23:7487. 35806492 Open Access
Betiu 2022 Int J Mol SciBețiu AM, Noveanu L, Hâncu IM, Lascu A, Petrescu L, Maack C, Elmér E, Muntean DM (2022) Mitochondrial effects of common cardiovascular medications: the good, the bad and the mixed. Int J Mol Sci 23:13653. 36362438 Open Access
Chen 2022 Int J Mol SciChen TH, Koh KY, Lin KM, Chou CK (2022) Mitochondrial dysfunction as an underlying cause of skeletal muscle disorders. Int J Mol Sci 23:12926. 36361713 Open Access
Barath 2022 Int J Mol SciBaráth B, Jász DK, Horváth T, Baráth B, Maróti G, Strifler G, Varga G, Sándor L, Perényi D, Tallósy S, Donka T, Jávor P, Boros M, Hartmann P (2022) Mitochondrial side effects of surgical prophylactic antibiotics Ceftriaxone and Rifaximin lead to bowel mucosal damage. Int J Mol Sci 23:5064. 35563455 Open Access
Fahlbusch 2022 Int J Mol SciFahlbusch P, Nikolic A, Hartwig S, Jacob S, Kettel U, Köllmer C, Al-Hasani H, Lehr S, Müller-Wieland D, Knebel B, Kotzka J (2022) Adaptation of oxidative phosphorylation machinery compensates for hepatic lipotoxicity in early stages of MAFLD. Int J Mol Sci 23:6873. 35743314 Open Access
Gallinat 2022 Int J Mol SciGallinat A, Vilahur G, Padró T, Badimon L (2022) Network-assisted systems biology analysis of the mitochondrial proteome in a pre-clinical model of ischemia, revascularization and post-conditioning. Int J Mol Sci 23:2087. 35216205 Open Access
Maldonado 2022 Int J Mol SciMaldonado M, Abe KM, Letts JA (2022) A structural perspective on the RNA editing of plant respiratory Complexes. Int J Mol Sci 23:684. 35054870 Open Access
Patyal 2022 Int J Mol SciPatyal P, Nguyen B, Zhang X, Azhar G, Ameer FS, Verma A, Crane J, Kc G, Che Y, Wei JY (2022) Rho/SRF inhibitor modulates mitochondrial functions. J Mol Sci 23:11536. PMID: 36232837 Open Access
Palzur 2021 Int J Mol SciPalzur E, Edelman D, Sakas R, Soustiel JF (2021) Etifoxine restores mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation and improves cognitive recovery following traumatic brain injury. Int J Mol Sci 22:12881. doi: 10.3390/ijms2223128812021PMID: 34884686 Open Access
Andrieux 2021 Int J Mol SciAndrieux P, Chevillard C, Cunha-Neto E, Nunes JPS (2021) Mitochondria as a cellular hub in infection and inflammation. Int J Mol Sci 22:11338. 34768767 Open Access
Siewiera 2021 Int J Mol SciSiewiera K, Labieniec-Watala M, Wolska N, Kassassir H, Watala C (2021) Sample preparation as a critical aspect of blood platelet mitochondrial respiration measurements - The impact of platelet activation on mitochondrial respiration. J Mol Sci 22:9332. PMID: 34502240 Open Access
Protasoni 2021 Int J Mol SciProtasoni M, Zeviani M (2021) Mitochondrial structure and bioenergetics in normal and disease conditions. Int J Mol Sci 22:586. 33435522 Open Access
Liskova 2021 Int J Mol SciLiskova A, Samec M, Koklesova L, Kudela E, Kubatka P, Golubnitschaja O (2021) Mitochondriopathies as a clue to systemic disorders-analytical tools and mitigating measures in context of predictive, preventive, and personalized (3P) medicine. Int J Mol Sci 22:2007. 33670490 Open Access
Sharma 2021 Int J Mol SciSharma C, Kim S, Nam Y, Jung UJ, Kim SR (2021) Mitochondrial dysfunction as a driver of cognitive impairment in Alzheimer's disease. Int J Mol Sci 22:4850. 34063708 Open Access
Stankova 2021 Int J Mol SciStaňková P, Kučera O, Peterová E, Elkalaf M, Rychtrmoc D, Melek J, Podhola M, Zubáňová V, Červinková Z (2021) Western diet decreases the liver mitochondrial oxidative flux of succinate: insight from a murine NAFLD model. J Mol Sci 22:6908. PMID: 34199098 Open Access
Krako Jakovljevic 2021 Int J Mol SciKrako Jakovljevic N, Pavlovic K, Jotic A, Lalic K, Stoiljkovic M, Lukic L, Milicic T, Macesic M, Stanarcic Gajovic J, Lalic NM (2021) Targeting mitochondria in diabetes. Int J Mol Sci 22:6642.2021PMID: 34205752 Open Access
Palacka 2021 Int J Mol SciPalacka P, Gvozdjáková A, Rausová Z, Kucharská J, Slopovský J, Obertová J, Furka D, Furka S, Singh KK, Sumbalová Z (2021) Platelet mitochondrial bioenergetics reprogramming in patients with urothelial carcinoma. J Mol Sci 23:388. PMID: 35008814 Open Access
Avram 2021 Int J Mol SciAvram VF, Chamkha I, Åsander-Frostner E, Ehinger JK, Timar RZ, Hansson MJ, Muntean DM, Elmér E (2021) Cell-permeable succinate rescues mitochondrial respiration in cellular models of statin toxicity. Int J Mol Sci 22:424.2021PMID: 33401621 Open Access »O2k-brief
Souidi 2021 Int J Mol SciSouidi M, Sleiman Y, Acimovic I, Pribyl J, Charrabi A, Baecker V, Scheuermann V, Pesl M, Jelinkova S, Skladal P, Dvorak P, Lacampagne A, Rotrekl V, Meli AC (2021) Oxygen is an ambivalent factor for the differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells in cardiac 2D monolayer and 3D cardiac spheroids. Int J Mol Sci 22:E662.2021PMID: 33440843 Open Access
Lefranc 2021 Int J Mol SciLefranc C, Friederich-Persson M, Foufelle F, Nguyen Dinh Cat A, Jaisser F (2021) Adipocyte-mineralocorticoid receptor alters mitochondrial quality control leading to mitochondrial dysfunction and senescence of visceral adipose tissue. Int J Mol Sci 22:2881.2021PMID: 33809055 Open Access
Gerna 2021 Int J Mol SciGerna D, Arc E, Holzknecht M, Roach T, Jansen-Duerr P, Weiss AKH, Kranner I (2021) AtFAHD1a: a new player influencing seed longevity and dormancy in arabidopsis? Int J Mol Sci 22:2997.2021PMID: 33804275 Open Access
Ignatieva 2021 Int J Mol SciIgnatieva E, Smolina N, Kostareva A, Dmitrieva R (2021) Skeletal muscle mitochondria dysfunction in genetic neuromuscular disorders with cardiac phenotype. Int J Mol Sci 22:7349. 34298968 Open Access
Saura-Esteller 2021 Int J Mol SciSaura-Esteller J, Sánchez-Vera I, Núñez-Vázquez S, Cosialls AM, Gama-Pérez P, Bhosale G, Mendive-Tapia L, Lavilla R, Pons G, Garcia-Roves PM, Duchen MR, Iglesias-Serret D, Gil J (2021) Activation of the integrated stress response and ER stress protect from fluorizoline-induced apoptosis in HEK293T and U2OS cell lines. Int J Mol Sci 22:6117.2021PMID: 34204139 Open Access
Favia 2021 Int J Mol SciFavia M, Atlante A (2021) Cellular Redox State Acts as Switch to Determine the Direction of NNT-Catalyzed Reaction in Cystic Fibrosis Cells . Int J Mol Sci 22:967.2021PMID: 33478087 Open Access
Lindenmann 2021 Int J Mol SciLindenmann J, Smolle C, Kamolz LP, Smolle-Juettner FM, Graier WF (2021) Survey of molecular mechanisms of hyperbaric oxygen in tissue repair. J Mol Sci 22:11754. PMID: 34769182 Open Access
Wuest 2021 Int J Mol SciWüst RCI, Coolen BF, Held NM, Daal MRR, Alizadeh Tazehkandi V, Baks-Te Bulte L, Wiersma M, Kuster DWD, Brundel BJJM, van Weeghel M, Strijkers GJ, Houtkooper RH (2021) The antibiotic doxycycline impairs cardiac mitochondrial and contractile function. Int J Mol Sci 22:4100.2021PMID: 33921053 Open Access
Taylor 2021 Int J Mol SciTaylor OJ, Thatcher MO, Carr ST, Gibbs JL, Trumbull AM, Harrison ME, Winden DR, Pearson MJ, Tippetts TS, Holland WL, Reynolds PR, Bikman BT (2021) High-mobility group box 1 disrupts metabolic function with cigarette smoke exposure in a ceramide-dependent manner. Int J Mol Sci 18:1099.2021PMID: 28531105 Open Access
Roosterman 2021 Int J Mol SciRoosterman D, Cottrell GS (2021) Rethinking the citric acid cycle: connecting pyruvate carboxylase and citrate synthase to the flow of energy and material. Int J Mol Sci 22:604. doi:10.3390/ijms220206042021PMID: 33435350 Open Access
Garrido-Perez 2020 Int J Mol SciGarrido-Pérez N, Vela-Sebastián A, López-Gallardo E, Emperador S, Iglesias E, Meade P, Jiménez-Mallebrera C, Montoya J, Bayona-Bafaluy MP, Ruiz-Pesini E (2020) Oxidative phosphorylation dysfunction modifies the cell secretome. Int J Mol Sci 21:3374. 32397676 Open Access
Luo 2020 Int J Mol SciLuo Y, Ma J, Lu W (2020) The significance of mitochondrial dysfunction in cancer. Int J Mol Sci 21:5598. 32764295 Open Access
Mosegaard 2020 Int J Mol SciMosegaard S, Dipace G, Bross P, Carlsen J, Gregersen N, Olsen RKJ (2020) Riboflavin deficiency-implications for general human health and inborn errors of metabolism. Int J Mol Sci 21:3847. 32481712 Open Access
Burtscher 2020 Int J Mol SciBurtscher J, Di Pardo A, Maglione V, Schwarzer C, Squitieri F (2020) Mitochondrial respiration changes in R6/2 Huntington's Disease model mice during aging in a brain region specific manner. Int J Mol Sci 21:5412.2020PMID: 32751413 Open Access
Szabo 2020 Int J Mol SciSzabo L, Eckert A, Grimm A (2020) Insights into disease-associated tau impact on mitochondria. Int J Mol Sci 21:6344. 32882957 Open Access
Ransy 2020 Int J Mol SciRansy C, Vaz C, Lombès A, Bouillaud F (2020) Use of H2O2 to cause oxidative stress, the catalase issue. Int J Mol Sci 21:9149. 33266350 Open Access
Stankova 2020 Int J Mol SciStaňková P, Kučera O, Peterová E, Lotková H, Maseko TE, Nožičková K, Červinková Z (2020) Adaptation of mitochondrial substrate flux in a mouse model of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Int J Mol Sci 21:E1101.2020PMID: 32046101 Open Access »O2k-brief
Burgin 2020 Int J Mol SciBurgin HJ, Lopez Sanchez MIG, Smith CM, Trounce IA, McKenzie M (2020) Pioglitazone and deoxyribonucleoside combination treatment increases mitochondrial respiratory capacity in m.3243A>G MELAS cybrid cells. Int J Mol Sci 21:E2139.2020PMID: 32244971 Open Access
Risiglione 2020 Int J Mol SciRisiglione P, Leggio L, Cubisino SAM, Reina S, Paternò G, Marchetti B, Magrì A, Iraci N, Messina A (2020) High-resolution respirometry reveals MPP+ mitochondrial toxicity mechanism in a cellular model of parkinson's disease. Int J Mol Sci 21:E7809. 33105548 Open Access
Shimakawa 2020 Int J Mol SciShimakawa G, Kohara A, Miyake C (2020) Characterization of light-enhanced respiration in cyanobacteria. Int J Mol Sci 22:342. 33396191 Open Access
Zhou 2019 Int J Mol SciZhou X, Luethi D, Sanvee GM, Bouitbir J, Liechti ME, Krähenbühl S (2019) Molecular toxicological mechanisms of synthetic cathinones on C2C12 myoblasts. Int J Mol Sci 20:E1561.2019PMID: 30925718 Open Access
Flis 2019 Int J Mol SciFlis DJ, Dzik K, Kaczor JJ, Cieminski K, Halon-Golabek M, Antosiewicz J, Wieckowski MR, Ziolkowski W (2019) Swim training modulates mouse skeletal muscle energy metabolism and ameliorates reduction in grip strength in a mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Int J Mol Sci 20:E233.2019PMID: 30634386 Open Access
Girer 2019 Int J Mol SciGirer NG , Carter D, Bhattarai N, Mustafa M, Denner L, Porter C, Elferink CJ (2019) Inducible loss of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor activates perigonadal white fat respiration and brown fat thermogenesis via fibroblast growth factor 21. Int J Mol Sci 20:950.2019Open Access
Fowler 2019 Int J Mol SciFowler ED, Hauton D, Boyle J, Egginton S, Steele DS, White E (2019) Energy metabolism in the failing right ventricle: limitations of oxygen delivery and the creatine kinase system . Int J Mol Sci 20:1805.2019Open Access
Lewis 2019 Int J Mol SciLewis MT, Kasper JD, Bazil JN, Frisbee JC, Wiseman RW (2019) Quantification of mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation in metabolic disease: application to Type 2 diabetes. Int J Mol Sci 20:5271. 31652915 Open Access
Kleszczynski 2018 Int J Mol SciKleszczyński K, Bilska B, Stegemann A, Flis DJ, Ziolkowski W, Pyza E, Luger TA, Reiter RJ, Böhm M, Slominski AT (2018) Melatonin and its metabolites ameliorate UVR-induced mitochondrial oxidative stress in human MNT-1 melanoma cells. Int J Mol Sci 19:E3786.2018PMID: 30487387 Open Access
Puurand 2018 Int J Mol SciPuurand M, Tepp K, Klepinin A, Klepinina L, Shevchuk I, Kaambre T (2018) Intracellular energy-transfer networks and high-resolution respirometry: a convenient approach for studying their function. Int J Mol Sci 19:e2933.2018PMID: 30261663 Open Access
Weber 2018 Int J Mol SciWeber A, Klocker H, Oberacher H, Gnaiger E, Neuwirt H, Sampson N, Eder IE (2018) Succinate accumulation is associated with a shift of mitochondrial respiratory control and HIF-1α upregulation in PTEN negative prostate cancer cells. Int J Mol Sci 19:2129.2018PMID: 30037119 Open Access
Augustynek 2018 Int J Mol SciAugustynek B, Koprowski P, Rotko D, Kunz WS, Szewczyk A, Kulawiak B (2018) Mitochondrial BK channel openers CGS7181 and CGS7184 exhibit cytotoxic properties. Int J Mol Sci 19. pii: E353.2018PMID: 29370072 Open Access
Ederer 2018 Int J Mol SciEderer KA, Jin K, Bouslog S, Wang L, Gorman GS, Rowe GC, Abadir P, Raftery D, Moellering D, Promislow D, Jumbo-Lucioni P, De Luca M (2018) Age- and genotype-specific effects of the angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor lisinopril on mitochondrial and metabolic parameters in Drosophila melanogaster. Int J Mol Sci 19:3351.2018PMID: 30373167 Open Access
Perozeni 2018 Int J Mol SciPerozeni F, Stella GR, Ballottari M (2018) LHCSR expression under HSP70/RBCS2 promoter as a strategy to increase productivity in microalgae. J Mol Sci 19:155. PMID: 29303960 Open Access
Kudin 2017 Int J Mol SciKudin AP, Mawasi H, Eisenkraft A, Elger CE, Bialer M, Kunz WS (2017) Mitochondrial liver toxicity of valproic acid and its acid derivatives is related to inhibition of α-lipoamide dehydrogenase. Int J Mol Sci 18. pii: E1912.2017PMID: 28878165 Open Access
Rodriguez 2013 Int J Mol SciRodriguez C, Martín V, Herrera F, García-Santos G, Rodriguez-Blanco J, Casado-Zapico S, Sánchez-Sánchez AM, Suárez S, Puente-Moncada N, Anítua MJ, Antolín I (2013) Mechanisms Involved in the Pro-Apoptotic Effect of Melatonin in Cancer Cells. Int J Mol Sci 14:6597-613.2013PMID: 23528889 Open Access
Sarti 2013 Int J Mol SciSarti P, Magnifico MC, Altieri F, Mastronicola D, Arese M (2013) New evidence for cross talk between melatonin and mitochondria mediated by a circadian-compatible interaction with nitric oxide. Int J Mol Sci 14:11259-76.2013PMID: 23759982 Open Access
Wiedemann 2013 Int J Mol SciWiedemann D, Schachner T, Bonaros N, Dorn M, Andreas M, Kocher A, Kuznetsov AV (2013) Impact of cold ischemia on mitochondrial function in porcine hearts and blood vessels. Int J Mol Sci 14:22042-51.2013PMID: 24213604 Open Access
Domenis 2012 Int J Mol SciDomenis R, Bisetto E, Rossi D, Comelli M, Mavelli I (2012) Glucose-modulated mitochondria adaptation in tumor cells: a focus on ATP synthase and inhibitor factor 1. Int J Mol Sci 13:1933-50.2012PMID: 22408432 Open Access
Jing 2011 Int J Mol SciJing L, Kumari S, Mendelev N, Li PA (2011) Coenzyme q10 ameliorates ultraviolet B irradiation induced cell death through inhibition of mitochondrial intrinsic cell death pathway. Int J Mol Sci 12:8302-15.2011PMID: 22174665 Open Access
Labieniec 2011 Int J Mol SciLabieniec M, Siewiera K, Jozwiak Z (2011) Resorcylidene aminoguanidine (RAG) improves cardiac mitochondrial bioenergetics impaired by hyperglycaemia in a model of experimental diabetes. Int J Mol Sci 12:8013-26.2011PMID: 22174647 Open Access
Skalska 2009 Int J Mol SciSkalska J, Bednarczyk P, Piwonska M, Kulawiak B, Wilczynski G, Dolowy K, Kudin AP, Kunz WS, Szewczyk A (2009) Calcium ions regulate K uptake into brain mitochondria: The evidence for a novel potassium channel. Int J Mol Sci 10:1104-20.2009PMID: 19399240 Open Access
Dalla-Betta 2009 Int J Mol SciDalla-Betta P, Schulte M (2009) Calculation of the aqueous thermodynamic properties of citric acid cycle intermediates and precursors and the estimation of high temperature and pressure equation of state parameters. Int J Mol Sci 10:2809-37. doi: 10.3390/ijms10062809. PMID: 19582231.2009PMID: 19582231 Open Access
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