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Curtabbi 2022 IUBMB LifeCurtabbi A, Enrรญquez JA (2022) The ins and outs of the flavin mononucleotide cofactor of respiratory complex I. IUBMB Life 74:629-44. https://doi.org/10.1002/iub.26002022PMID: 35166025 Open Access
Bianchi 2020 IUBMB LifeBianchi SE, Pegues MA, Dias CK, Mascia F, Doneda E, Pittol V, Rao A, Klamt F, Bassani VL (2020) Achyrocline satureioides compounds, achyrobichalcone and 3-O-methylquercetin, induce mitochondrial dysfunction and apoptosis in human breast cancer cell lines. IUBMB Life 72:2133-45.2020PMID: 32710804 Open Access
Gonzรกlez-Mariscal 2014 IUBMB LifeGonzรกlez-Mariscal I, Garcรญa-Testรณn E, Padilla S, Martรญn-Montalvo A, Pomares-Viciana T, Vazquez-Fonseca L, Gandolfo-Domรญnguez P, Santos-Ocaรฑa C (2014) Regulation of coenzyme Q biosynthesis in yeast: a new complex in the block. IUBMB Life 66:63-70.2014PMID:24470391 Open Access
Mastronicola 2011 IUBMB LifeMastronicola D, Giuffrรจ A, Testa F, Mura A, Forte E, Bordi E, Pucillo LP, Fiori PL, Sarti P (2011) Giardia intestinalis escapes oxidative stress by colonizing the small intestine: A molecular hypothesis. IUBMB Life 63:21-5.2011PMID: 21280173
Garlid 2001 IUBMB LifeGarlid KD, Paucek P (2001) The mitochondrial potassium cycle. IUBMB Life 52:153-8.2001PMID: 11798027 Open Access

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