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Oroboros Instruments

Innsbruck AT, 1998 Dec 10. 16th International Course on High-Resolution Respirometry, IOC16.

Oroboros (1998-12-10) Mitochondr Physiol Network

Abstract: 16th International Course on High-Resolution Respirometry. Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria; 1998 December 10.

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ORO, IOC, 1998 


Innsbruck, University Hospital (AT)


High-Resolution Respirometry and Standardization of Techniques with Permeabilized Muscle Fibers.
Erich Gnaiger (Univ. Hospital Innsbruck, AT): Respirometric Diagnosis of Mitochondrial Diseases, Pathological and Physiological States – Is Standardization Required and Possible?
Andrey Kuznetsov (Oroboros, Innsbruck, AT): Comparison of Approaches to Respirometric Diagnosis of Mitochondrial Diseases and Preservation Injury in Skeletal and Cardiac Muscle.
Josef Houstek (Prague, CZ): ELFO analysis of OXPHOS complexes in fibroblasts and cybrids using mitoplasts fraction prepared by digitonin treatment.
Round Table: Interlaboratory Study On Muscle Biopsies.
  • Muscle fiber (orthopedic controls or rat model) and preparation technique.
  • Biopsy preservation solution with protection of mitochondrial function.
  • Respiration media and incubation temperature.
  • Substrate/inhibitor titration regimes for mitochondrial enzyme complexes.


Florence Appaix (Grenoble, FR); Olivier Boulat (Lausanne, CH); Carla Bovina (Bologna, IT); Zdenek Drahota (Prague, CZ); Antonio Faundez (Geneva, CH); Gabriella Formiggini (Bologna, IT); Erich Gnaiger (Innsbruck, AT); Josef Houstek (Prague, CZ); Hana Houstekova (Prague, CZ); Andrey Kuznetsov (Innsbruck, AT); Hans Mayr (Salzburg, AT); Andreas Schulze (Heidelberg, DE); Daniela Skladal (Innsbruck, AT).
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