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Huang Jian

From Bioblast
Name Huang Jian, Dr.
Institution College of High Altitude Military Medicine

Third Military Medical University

Address Jiankang East Ring Rd,
City Chongqing
Country China
O2k-Network Lab CN Chongqing Huang J



Jiang 2022 Nat Commun2022Jiang N, Xie B, Xiao W, Fan M, Xu S, Duan Y, Hamsafar Y, Evans AC, Huang J, Zhou W, Lin X, Ye N, Wanggou S, Chen W, Jing D, Fragoso RC, Dugger BN, Wilson PF, Coleman MA, Xia S, Li X, Sun LQ, Monjazeb AM, Wang A, Murphy WJ, Kung HJ, Lam KS, Chen HW, Li JJ. (2022) Fatty acid oxidation fuels glioblastoma radioresistance with CD47-mediated immune evasion. Nat Commun 13:1511.
Archer 1993 Circ Res1993Archer SL, Huang J, Henry T, Peterson D, Weir EK (1993) A redox-based O2 sensor in rat pulmonary vasculature. Circ Res 73:1100-12.


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