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Journal title and website Genome Biology and Evolution - Open Access


Gnecchi-Ruscone 2018 Genome Biol EvolGnecchi-Ruscone GA, Abondio P, De Fanti S, Sarno S, Sherpa MG, Sherpa PT, Marinelli G, Natali L, Di Marcello M, Peluzzi D, Luiselli D, Pettener D, Sazzini M (2018) Evidence of polygenic adaptation to high altitude from Tibetan and Sherpa genomes. Genome Biol Evol evy233.2018Open Access
Burger 2013 Genome Biol EvolBurger G, Gray MW, Forget L, Lang BF (2013) Strikingly bacteria-like and gene-rich mitochondrial genomes throughout jakobid protists. Genome Biol Evol 5:418-38.2013