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Banerjee 2022 FEBS JBanerjee R, Purhonen J, Kallijärvi J (2022) The mitochondrial coenzyme Q junction and Complex III: biochemistry and pathophysiology. FEBS J 289:6936-58. 34428349 Open Access
Ley-Ngardigal 2022 FEBS JLey-Ngardigal S, Bertolin G (2022) Approaches to monitor ATP levels in living cells: where do we stand? FEBS J 289:7940-69. 34437768 Open Access
Piel 2020 FEBS JPiel MS, Masscheleyn S, Bouillaud F, Moncoq K, Miroux B (2020) Structural models of mitochondrial uncoupling proteins obtained in DPC micelles are not functionally relevant. FEBS J 288:3024-33.2020PMID: 33202085
Al-Azab 2020 FEBS JAl-Azab M, Qaed E, Ouyang X, Elkhider A, Walana W, Li H, Li W, Tang Y, Adlat S, Wei J, Wang B, Li X (2020) TL1A/TNFR2-mediated mitochondrial dysfunction of fibroblast-like synoviocytes increases inflammatory response in patients with rheumatoid arthritis via reactive oxygen species generation. FEBS J 287:3088-104.2020PMID: 31953914
Madreiter-Sokolowski 2019 FEBS JMadreiter-Sokolowski CT, Ramadani-Muja J, Ziomek G, Burgstaller S, Bischof H, Koshenov Z, Gottschalk B, Malli R, Graier WF (2019) Tracking mitochondria's intra- and inter-organelle signaling. FEBS J 286:4378-401.2019PMID: 31661602 Open Access
Cecatto 2018 FEBS JCecatto C, Amaral AU, da Silva JC, Wajner A, Schimit MOV, da Silva LHR, Wajner SM, Zanatta A, Castilho RF, Wajner M (2018) Metabolite accumulation in VLCAD deficiency markedly disrupts mitochondrial bioenergetics and Ca2+ homeostasis in the heart. FEBS J 285:1437-55.2018PMID: 29476646 Open Access
Schoepf 2016 FEBS JSchöpf B, Schäfer G, Weber A, Talasz H, Eder IE, Klocker H, Gnaiger E (2016) Oxidative phosphorylation and mitochondrial function differ between human prostate tissue and cultured cells. J 283:2181-96. PMID: 27060259 Open Access »O2k-brief
Skemiene 2015 FEBS JSkemiene K, Liobikas J, Borutaite V (2015) Anthocyanins as substrates for mitochondrial complex I - protective effect against heart ischemic injury. FEBS J 282:963-71.2015PMID: 25586661
Moreno-Sanchez 2013 FEBS JMoreno-Sánchez R, Hernández-Esquivel L, Rivero-Segura NA, Marín-Hernández A, Neuzil J, Ralph SJ, Rodríguez-Enríquez S (2013) Reactive oxygen species are generated by the respiratory Complex II - evidence for lack of contribution of the reverse electron flow in Complex I. FEBS J 280:927-38.2013PMID 23206332; PDF
Lauterbach 2013 FEBS JLauterbach L, Lenz O, Vincent KA (2013) H₂-driven cofactor regeneration with NAD(P)⁺-reducing hydrogenases. FEBS J 280:3058-68. 23497170 Open Access
Starkov 2010 FEBS JStarkov AA (2010) The molecular identity of the mitochondrial Ca2+ sequestration system. FEBS J. 277:3652-63.2010PMID: 20659159 Open Access
Mirebeau-Prunier 2010 FEBS JMirebeau-Prunier D, Le Pennec S, Jacques C, Gueguen N, Poirier J, Malthiery Y, Savagner F (2010) Estrogen-related receptor alpha and PGC-1-related coactivator constitute a novel complex mediating the biogenesis of functional mitochondria. FEBS J 277:713-25.2010PMID: 20067526
Kupsch 2009 FEBS JKupsch K, Hertel S, Kreutzmann P, Wolf G, Wallesch CW, Siemen D, Schönfeld P (2009) Impairment of mitochondrial function by minocycline. FEBS J 276:1729–38.2009PMID: 19243427 ; Open Access
Metelkin 2009 FEBS JMetelkin E, Demin O, Kovács Z,Chinopoulos C (2009) Modeling of ATP-ADP steady-state exchange rate mediated by the adenine nucleotide translocase in isolated mitochondria. FEBS J 276:6942-55.2009PMID:19860824 Open Access
Osenbroch 2009 FEBS JOsenbroch Poe, Auk-Emblem P, Halsne R, Strand J, Forstroem RJ, van der Pluijm I, Eide L (2009) Accumulation of mitochondrial DNA damage and bioenergetic dysfunction in CSB defective cells. FEBS J 276:2811-21.2009PMID: 19389114
Vajda 2009 FEBS JVajda S, Mándi M, Konràd C, Kiss G, Ambrus A, Adam-Vizi V, Chinopoulos C (2009) A re-evaluation of the role of matrix acidification in uncoupler-induced Ca2+ release from mitochondria. FEBS J 276:2713-24.2009PMID: 19459934; pdf
Hildebrandt 2008 FEBS JHildebrandt TM, Grieshaber MK (2008) Three enzymatic activities catalyze the oxidation of sulfide to thiosulfate in mammalian and invertebrate mitochondria. FEBS J 275:3352-6.2008PMID: 18494801
Anmann 2005 FEBS JAnmann T, Eimre M, Kuznetsov AV, Andrienko T, Kaambre T, Sikk P, Seppet E, Tiivel T, Vendelin M, Seppet EK, Saks VA (2005) Calcium-induced contraction of sarcomeres changes the regulation of mitochondrial respiration in permeabilized cardiac cells. FEBS J 272:3145-61.2005PMID: 15955072 Open Access
Ter Veld 2005 FEBS Jter Veld F, Jeneson JA, Nicolay K (2005) Mitochondrial affinity for ADP is twofold lower in creatine kinase knock-out muscles. Possible role in rescuing cellular energy homeostasis. FEBS J 272:956-65.2005PMID: 15691329 Open Access