Export DL-Protocol User (*.DLPU)

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Export DL-Protocol User (*.DLPU)


Export DL-Protocol User (*.DLPU) Protocol possess unique D## codes and comprise a fixed sequence of events and marks which cannot be changed by the user. However, the user may edit concentrations and titration volumes of injections and store the modified protocol as user-specific DL-Protocol [File]\Export\DL-Protocol User (*.DLPU). If users wish to alter the nature of the chemicals used or the sequence of injections, we ask them to contact support@oroboros.at.

DatLab 7.4

DatLab 7.4 offers a new feature in DL-Protocols: flexibility. Fixed sequence of events and marks can be changed (Skip/Added) in a SUIT protocol by the user. Moreover, editions of text, instructions, concentrations and titration volumes of injections in a specific DL-Protocol can be edited and saved as user-specific DL-Protocol [File]\Export\DL-Protocol User (*.DLPU).
Text file - DatLab.png

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