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Journal title and website Experimental & Molecular Medicine


Scheiber 2019 Exp Mol MedScheiber D, Jelenik T, Zweck E, Horn P, Schultheiss HP, Lassner D, Boeken U, Saeed D, Kelm M, Roden M, Westenfeld R, Szendroedi J (2019) High-resolution respirometry in human endomyocardial biopsies shows reduced ventricular oxidative capacity related to heart failure. Exp Mol Med 51:16.2019PMID: 30765687 Open Access
Kang 2018 Exp Mol MedKang YC, Son M, Kang S, Im S, Piao Y, Lim KS, Song MY, Park KS, Kim YH, Pak YK (2018) Cell-penetrating artificial mitochondria-targeting peptide-conjugated metallothionein 1A alleviates mitochondrial damage in Parkinson's disease models. Exp Mol Med 50:105.2018PMID: 30120245 Open Access
Jeong 2017 Exp Mol MedJeong JH, Cheol Kang Y, Piao Y, Kang S, Pak YK (2017) miR-24-mediated knockdown of H2AX damages mitochondria and the insulin signaling pathway. Exp Mol Med 49:e313.2017PMID: 28386126 Open Access
Rhee 1999 Exp Mol MedRhee SG (1999) Redox signaling: hydrogen peroxide as intracellular messenger. Exp Mol Med 31:53-9.1999PMID:10410302