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Journal title and website The European Respiratory Journal


Sommer 2010 Eur Respir JPMID: 20516051 Open AccessSommer N, Pak O, Schörner S, Derfuss T, Krug A, Gnaiger E, Ghofrani HA, Schermuly RT, Huckstorf C, Seeger W, Grimminger F, Weissmann N (2010) Mitochondrial cytochrome redox states and respiration in acute pulmonary oxygen sensing. Eur Respir J 36:1056-66.2010
Rabinovich 2007 Eur Respir JPMID: 17182653Rabinovich RA, Bastos R, Ardite E, Llinàs L, Orozco-Levi M, Gea J, Vilaró J, Barberà JA, Rodríguez-Roisin R, Fernández-Checa JC, Roca J (2007) Mitochondrial dysfunction in COPD patients with low body mass index. Eur Respir J 29:643-50.2007

The European Respiratory Journal (ERJ) - the official journal of the European Respiratory Society (ERS)