DE Goettingen Wicke M

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DE Goettingen Wicke M

Oroboros O2k-Network

O2k-Network Lab Institute of Animal Breeding and Genetics

Georg-August-University of GΓΆttingen

Address Albrecht-Thaer-Weg 3, 37075
City Goettingen
Country Germany
Team previous Wicke Michael, Krischek Carsten, Janisch Sabine, Natter Rebecca, Popp Johanna, Wagner Christian
Status 3 Power-O2k 2004-2015; present: DE Goettingen Krischek C
Oroboros Events IOC101, IOC35, IOC27


Krischek 2017 Animal2017Krischek C, Wimmers K, Janisch S, Wicke M, Sharifi AR (2017) Temperature alterations during embryogenesis have a sex-dependent influence on growth properties and muscle metabolism of day-old chicks and 35-day-old broilers. Animal 12:1224-31.
Krischek 2016 Mol Reprod Dev2016Krischek C, Janisch S, Naraballobh W, Brunner R, Wimmers K, Wicke M (2016) Altered incubation temperatures between embryonic Days 7 and 13 influence the weights and the mitochondrial respiratory and enzyme activities in breast and leg muscles of broiler embryos. Mol Reprod Dev 83:71-8.
Werner 2010 Meat Sci2010Werner C, Natter R, Schellander K, Wicke M (2010) Mitochondrial respiratory activity in porcine longissimus muscle fibers of different pig genetics in relation to their meat quality. Meat Sci 85:127-33.
Werner 2005 Arch Tierz Dummerstorf2005Werner C, Opalka JR, Gellerich FN, Wicke M (2005) The influence of mitochondrial function on meat quality in turkey and swine. Arch Tierz Dummerstorf 48 Special Issue: 106-114.
Opalka 2004 Br Poult Sci2004Opalka JR, Wicke M, Gellerich FN, Schmidt R, Rosner F, Zierz S, von Lengerken G (2004) Mitochondrial function in turkey skeletal muscle - impact on meat quality. Br Poult Sci 45:367-79.


update please

We must very sorrowfully inform that our dear colleague, Prof. Dr. Michael Wicke, passed away. The lab is now managed by Prof. Dr. Carsten Krischek.

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