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Crit Care Med

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Kohoutova 2019 Crit Care MedKohoutova M, Horak J, Jarkovska D, Martinkova V, Tegl V, Nalos L, Vistejnova L, Benes J, Sviglerova J, Kuncova J, Matejovic M, Stengl M (2019) Vagus nerve stimulation attenuates multiple organ dysfunction in resuscitated porcine progressive sepsis. Crit Care Med 47:e461-69.2019PMID: 30908312 Open Access
Hartmann 2017 Crit Care MedHartmann C, Loconte M, Antonucci E, Holzhauser M, Hölle T, Katzsch D, Merz T, McCook O, Wachter U, Vogt JA, Hoffmann A, Wepler M, Gröger M, Matejovic M, Calzia E, Georgieff M, Asfar P, Radermacher P, Nussbaum BL (2017) Effects of hyperoxia during resuscitation from hemorrhagic shock in swine with preexisting coronary artery disease. Crit Care Med 45:e1270-9.2017PMID: 29028763
Correa 2014 Crit Care MedCorrêa TD, Jeger V, Pereira AJ, Takala J, Djafarzadeh S, Jakob SM (2014) Angiotensin II in septic shock: effects on tissue perfusion, organ function, and mitochondrial respiration in a porcine model of fecal peritonitis. Crit Care Med 42:e550-9.2014PMKID: 24797374
Martin 2013 Crit Care MedMartin AD, Joseph AM, Beaver TM, Smith BK, Martin TD, Berg K, Hess PJ, Deoghare HV, Leeuwenburgh C (2013) Effect of intermittent phrenic nerve stimulation during cardiothoracic surgery on mitochondrial respiration in the human diaphragm. Crit Care Med 42:e152-6.2013PMID: 24126442 Open Access
Correa 2012 Crit Care MedCorrêa TD, Vuda M, Blaser AR, Takala J, Djafarzadeh S, Dünser MW, Silva E, Lensch M, Wilkens L, Jakob SM (2012) Effect of treatment delay on disease severity and need for resuscitation in porcine fecal peritonitis. Crit Care Med 40:2841-9.2012PMID:22890256
Japiassu 2011 Crit Care MedJapiassu AM, Santiago AP, d'Avila Jda C, Garcia-Souza LF, Galina A, Castro Faria-Neto HC, Bozza FA, Oliveira MF (2011) Bioenergetic failure of human peripheral blood monocytes in patients with septic shock is mediated by reduced F1Fo adenosine-5'-triphosphate synthase activity. Crit Care Med 39:1056-63.2011PMID:21336129
Laupland 2009 Crit Care MedLaupland KB (2009) Fever in the critically ill medical patient. Crit Care Med 37:S273-8.2009PMID: 19535958
Hassoun 2008 Crit Care MedHassoun SM, Marechal X, Montaigne D, Bouazza Y, Decoster B, Lancel S, Neviere R (2008) Prevention of endotoxin-induced sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium leak improves mitochondrial and myocardial dysfunction. Crit Care Med 36:2590-6.2008PMID: 18679108