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O2k-Open Support


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MitoPedia O2k and high-resolution respirometry: O2k-Open Support 


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OroboPOS-Connector (blue POM), with male connection to OroboPOS sensor head (POS) and with cable and male plug fitting into O2k-Main Unit.

Reference: Product details and purchase information


The OroboPOS-Connector has several different functions:
  • It mechanically presses the POS against the glass chamber, ensuring a tight fit.
  • It connects the POS electronically to the Main unit transmitting the signal.
  • In O2k Series A-C it also performs the current to voltage conversion / amplification. For Series D and upwards this function has been incorporated into the Main unit. For this reason OroboPOS connectors for Series A-C and for Series D are NOT interchangeable. The OroboPOS-Connector from O2k-series A-C must only be plugged into or unplugged from the O2k main unit with the O2k switched off.
The OroboPOS-Connector is sensitive to damage by ESD when disconnected from the O2k-Main Unit and when the POS head is removed. Further details: MiPNet14.01_ESD-damage.

Cleaning the body of the OroboPOS-Connector

When experimental media or electrolyte (during service of the polarographic oxygen sensor OroboPOS) leak into the mechanical part of the OroboPOS-Connector, operation of the spring mechanism may be restricted. In such cases, the body of the OroboPOS-Connector should be washed with distilled water. To do so, screw the OroboPOS head onto the OroboPOS-Connector. Make sure that the plug connecting to the O2k-Main Unit does not get wet (protect with parafilm). Rinse the body of the OroboPOS-Connector with distilled water, pulling the spring-loaded part at the base several times. Salt crystals and media clogging the mechanical part are thus washed out. Wipe off the water while again pulling down the spring-loaded part.

Cleaning the electrical connections

  1. Unscrew the OroboPOS and check the electrical connections (the thread of the OroboPOS and the gold pin of the OroboPOS-Connector).
  2. Remove any contaminating grease, salt crystals and moisture with a fine paper cloth, first dry and then with a fine paper cloth moistened with distilled or deionized water, then with a fine paper cloth moistened with 99.9 % ethanol.
  3. If the thread of the OroboPOS and the gold pin of the OroboPOS-Connector are discolored or appear stained, clean repeatedly with a fine paper cloth moistened with 99.9 % ethanol until no more traces appear on the paper cloth used for cleaning.
  • Always let the connections (OroboPOS head and OroboPOS-Connector) dry well before use. If the O2k is used in a humid environment or a paper cloth moistened in water was used for cleaning the connection, the connector can be dried in an oven at up to 60 ยฐC for 1-2 h. Follow the procedure with an Oxygen sensor test as a quality control of proper OroboPOS-Connector and OroboPOS performance.

Replacing the OroboPOS-Connector

If you need to replace the Orobo-POS Connector, an OroboPOS-Connector Service may be possible.

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