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Chakrabarti L 2022 Abstract Bioblast

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Chakrabarti Lisa
Ebanks B, Katyal G, Papetti C, Lucassen M, Marks FC, Chakrabarti Lisa (2022) "Going south!” An Antarctic expedition to understand more about mitochondrial haemoglobin and ageing.
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Ebanks Brad, Katyal Gunjan, Papetti Chiara, Lucassen Magnus, Marks Felix Christopher, Chakrabarti Lisa (2022)

Event: Bioblast 2022

Mitochondrial dysfunction is intimately associated with ageing and diseases that occur more frequently with advancing age. Work we published some years ago showed the presence of haemoglobin in mitochondria. We found variations in the quantity of mitochondrial haemoglobin in neurodegeneration and also in animals experimentally exposed to hypoxia. Non-erythrocyte haemoglobin was unexpected and its function is still not entirely clear. A standard approach to discover the function of a protein in a tissue is to remove it, knock it ‘out’ or ‘down’. For essential proteins like haemoglobin in the vertebrate context, this is unlikely to be a successful route of investigation. However, there is an unusual group of fish known as the ‘icefish’ that do not express haemoglobin - these fish are only found in the cold waters of Antarctica. In collaboration with the German polar research institute (AWI) and other fish biologists, we started our investigations into how icefish maintain mitochondrial function without haemoglobin. This line of research led me to an expedition in Antarctica earlier this year, where we performed icefish respirometry on board RV Polarstern.

Keywords: Haemoglobin, Ageing, Neurodegeneration, Icefish, Antarctica

O2k-Network Lab: UK Nottingham Chakrabarti L


Ebanks B1, Katyal G1, Papetti C2, Lucassen M3, Marks FC3, Chakrabarti L1
  1. School of Veterinary Medicine and Science, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Nottingham, UK - [email protected]
  2. Biology department, University of Padova, Padova, Italy
  3. Alfred Wegener Institute, Bremerhaven, Germany

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