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Casteilla L

From Bioblast
Name Casteilla Louis, Prof. Dr.
Address UMR CNRS 5018, IFR31

CHU Ranguil

1 Av Poulhès

31054 Toulouse Cedex, France,

Email [email protected]
O2k-Network Lab FR Toulouse Casteilla L



Carriere 2019 Academic Press2019Carrière A, Casteilla L (2019) Role of mitochondria in adipose tissues metabolism and plasticity. Academic Press In: Mitochondria in obesity and type 2 diabetes. Morio B, Pénicaud L, Rigoulet M (eds) Academic Press.
Deschaseaux 2018 US Patent2018Deschaseaux F, Guilloton F, Muller S, Sensebe L, Casteilla L, Carriere-Pazat A (2018) Method for obtaining human brown/beige adipocytes . US Patent US20180216070A1.
Carriere 2014 Diabetes2014Carrière A, Jeanson Y, Berger-Müller S, André M, Chenouard V, Arnaud E, Barreau C, Walther R, Galinier A, Wdziekonski B, Villageois P, Louche K, Collas P, Moro C, Dani C, Villarroya F, Casteilla L (2014) Browning of white adipose cells by intermediate metabolites: an adaptive mechanism to alleviate redox pressure. Diabetes 63:3253-65.
Benani 2009 J Neurosci Methods2009Benani A, Barquissau V, Carneiro L, Salin B, Colombani A-L, Leloup C, Casteilla L, Rigoulet M, Pénicaud L (2009) Method for functional study of mitochondria in rat hypothalamus. J Neurosci Methods 178:301-7.
Benard 2008 Int J Biochem Cell Biol2008Benard G, Faustin B, Galinier A, Rocher C, Bellance N, Smolkova K, Casteilla L, Rossignol R, Letellier T (2008) Functional dynamic compartmentalization of respiratory chain intermediate substrates: implications for the control of energy production and mitochondrial diseases. Int J Biochem Cell Biol 40:1543-54.
Crisan 2008 Stem Cells2008Crisan M, Casteilla L, Lehr L, Carmona OMC, Paoloni-Giacobino A, Yap S, Sun B, Leger B, Logar A, Penicaud L, Schrauwen P, Cameron-Smith D, Russell AP, Peault B, Giacobino JP (2008) A reservoir of brown adipocyte progenitors in human skeletal muscle. Stem Cells 26:2425-33.
Saillan-Barreau 2008 J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr2008Saillan-Barreau C, Tabbakh O, Chavoin JP, Casteilla L, Pénicaud L (2008) Drug-specific effect of nelfinavir and stavudine on primary culture of human preadipocytes. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr 48:20-5.
Benani 2007 Diabetes2007Benani A, Troy S, Carmona OMC, Fioramonti X, Lorsignol A, Leloup C, Casteilla L, Pénicaud L (2012) Role for mitochondrial reactive oxygen species in brain lipid sensing: redox regulation of food intake. Diabetes 56:152-60.


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