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Carnitine is an important factor for the transport of long-chain fatty acids bound to carnitine (carnitine acyltransferase) into the mitochondrial matrix for subsequent β-oxidation. There are two enantiomers: D- and L-carnitine. Only the L-isomer is physiologically active.

Abbreviation: Car

MitoPedia topics: Substrate and metabolite 

Application in HRR

  • Car: L-carnitine: Sigma Aldrich; C0158; FW=161.2
Preparation of 250 mM stock solution (dissolved in H2O):
  1. Weigh 100 mg of Carnitine.
  2. Add 2.48 mL H2O.
  3. Divide into 100 µL portions.
  4. Store frozen at -20°C.
O2k Manual titration
  • Titration volume: 4 µL 250 mM stock using a 10 µL Hamilton syringe (2 mL O2k-Chamber).
  • Final concentration: 0.5 mM.

Feeding carnitine