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Journal title and website Cancer & Metabolism


Niu 2018 Cancer MetabPMID: 30559963Niu X, Chen YJ, Crawford PA, Patti GJ (2018) Transport-exclusion pharmacology to localize lactate dehydrogenase activity within cells. Cancer Metab 6:19.2018
Schoeckel 2015 Cancer MetabPMID: 26500770 Open AccessSchöckel L, Glasauer A, Basit F, Bitschar K, Truong H, Erdmann G, Algire C, Hägebarth A, Willems PH, Kopitz C, Koopman WJ, Héroult M (2015) Targeting mitochondrial complex I using BAY 87-2243 reduces melanoma tumor growth. Cancer Metab 3:11.2015
Gaude 2014 Cancer MetabPMID: 25057353 Open AccessGaude E, Frezza C (2014) Defects in mitochondrial metabolism and cancer. Cancer Metab 2:10.2014
Verschoor 2013 Cancer MetabPMID: 24280356 Open AccessVerschoor ML, Verschoor CP, Singh G (2013) Ets-1 global gene expression profile reveals associations with metabolism and oxidative stress in ovarian and breast cancers. Cancer Metab 1:17.2013