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Dobbs 1991 Cambridge Univ PressDobbs BJT (1991) The Janus faces of genius: the role of alchemy in Newton's thought. Cambridge Univ Press Cambridge.1991
Gnaiger 1991 Soc Exp Biol Seminar SeriesBioblast pdfGnaiger E (1991) Animal energetics at very low oxygen: Information from calorimetry and respirometry. In: Strategies for gas exchange and metabolism. Woakes R, Grieshaber M, Bridges CR (eds), Soc Exp Biol Seminar Series 44, Cambridge Univ Press, London:149-71.1991
Gnaiger 1989 Soc Exp Biol Seminar SeriesBioblast pdfGnaiger E, Shick JM, Widdows J (1989) Metabolic microcalorimetry and respirometry of aquatic animals. In: Techniques in comparative respiratory physiology. An experimental approach. Bridges CR, Butler PJ (eds), Soc Exp Biol Seminar Series, Cambridge Univ Press, London:113-35.1989
Dobbs 1975 Cambridge Univ PressDobbs BJT (1975) The foundations of Newton's alchemy or "The hunting of the Greene Lyon". Reissued as a paperback 1983. Cambridge Univ Press Cambridge:300 pp.1975
Schrödinger 1944 Cambridge Univ PressSchrödinger E (1944) What is life? The physical aspect of the living cell. Cambridge Univ Press (1st edition).1944