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CN Tianjin Zhang Y

Oroboros O2k-Network

O2k-Network Lab Mitochondrial Physiology Group

Tianjin Research Institute of Sports Medicine

Tianjin Municipal Key Lab of Exercise

Physiology and Sports Medicine

Dept. of Health & Exercise Science

Tianjin University of Sport

Address 51,Weijin South Road, Hexi District, 300381
City Tianjin
Country China
Contact Zhang Yong
Team Wen Li
Team previous
Status 2 Power-O2k 2009-
Oroboros Events IOC48


Zhang 2018 J Mol Cell Cardiol2018Zhang G, Sheng M, Wang J, Teng T, Sun Y, Yang Q, Xu Z (2018) Zinc improves mitochondrial respiratory function and prevents mitochondrial ROS generation at reperfusion by phosphorylating STAT3 at Ser727. J Mol Cell Cardiol 118:169-82.


Li 2018 IBEC2018Li C, Li N, Zhang Y (2018) UPRmt and mitophagy are selectively activated depending on muscle fiber types in insulin resistant rats. IBEC.