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CN Beijing Liu L

From Bioblast


CN Beijing Liu L

Oroboros O2k-Network

O2k-Network Lab School of Life Sciences

Peking University

Address New Life Science Building

Summer Palace Road No. 5, 100871

City Beijing
Country China
Contact Liu Lei
Team Liu Ying, Shao Li-Wa, Niu Rong
Team previous
Status O2k 2012-
Oroboros Events


Ma 2018 Nat Cell Biol2018Ma C, Niu R, Huang T, Shao LW, Peng Y, Ding W, Wang Y, Jia G, He C, Li CY, He A, Liu Y (2018) N6-methyldeoxyadenine is a transgenerational epigenetic signal for mitochondrial stress adaptation. Nat Cell Biol 21:319-27.
Shao 2016 Cell Res2016Shao LW, Niu R, Liu Y (2016) Neuropeptide signals cell non-autonomous mitochondrial unfolded protein response. Cell Res 26:1182-96.


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