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Brewer 2004 Mitochondrion

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Brewer GJ, Jones TT, Wallimann T, Schlattner U (2004) Higher respiratory rates and improved creatine stimulation in brain mitochondria isolated with anti-oxidants. Mitochondrion 4:49-57.

» PMID: 16120374

Brewer GJ, Jones TT, Wallimann T, Schlattner U (2004) Mitochondrion

Abstract: We tested the effect of an anti-oxidant mixture on respiration in isolated rat brain mitochondria. Mitochondria were isolated in mannitol/sucrose/EGTA/BSA±SCAVEGR™ anti-oxidants (SOD, catalase, vitamin E, vitamin E acetate, and glutathione reduced). TBARS were reduced by greater than 40% with SCAVEGR. Respiration driven by ADP showed a two-fold higher Vmax and a 15% higher respiratory control ratio when mitochondria were prepared with SCAVEGR. SCAVEGR also stabilized the octameric state of mitochondrial creatine kinase and thus improved creatine-stimulated respiration. These results suggest that significant improvements in brain mitochondrial function are obtained by isolation in the presence of an anti-oxidants mixture. Keywords: Anti-oxidant, Brain mitochondria, Creatine kinase, Respiration, ROS

O2k-Network Lab: CH Zurich Wallimann T, US IL Springfield Brewer GJ, FR Grenoble Schlattner U

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Gnaiger 2020 BEC MitoPathways
Gnaiger E (2020) Mitochondrial pathways and respiratory control. An introduction to OXPHOS analysis. 5th ed. Bioenerg Commun 2020.2.


Stress:Oxidative stress;RONS  Organism: Rat  Tissue;cell: Nervous system  Preparation: Isolated mitochondria 

HRR: Oxygraph-2k 

BEC 2020.2