Brebner K

From Bioblast
Name Brebner Karen,
Institution Department of Psychology, St. Francis Xavier University
Address 2320 Notre Dame Blvd., Antigonish, Nova Scotia, B2G 2W5, Canada,
Country Canada
Email [email protected]
O2k-Network Lab



Herbst 2017 Appl Physiol Nutr Metab2017Herbst EAF, George MAJ, Brebner K, Holloway GP, Kane DA (2017) Lactate is oxidized outside of the mitochondrial matrix in rodent brain. Appl Physiol Nutr Metab 43:467-74.
Elustondo 2013 J Biol Chem2013Elustondo PA, White AE, Hughes ME, Brebner K, Pavlov E, Kane DA (2013) Physical and functional association of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) with skeletal muscle mitochondria. J Biol Chem 288:25309-17.


Wallace 2018 FASEB J2018Effects of H1/H2 histamine receptor blockade on mitochondrial function in rodent brain following prolonged exercise.
Kane 2016 Abstract MitoFit Science Camp 20162016Effects of inhibiting myosin-ATPase on mitochondrial respiratory capacity in permeabilized skeletal muscle.
George 2015 Abstract MiPschool Greenville 20152015Mitochondria do not directly oxidize lactate within the cerebral cortex or hippocampus.
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