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Goswami 2018 Biophys JGoswami I, Perry JB, Allen ME, Brown DA, von Spakovsky MR, Verbridge SS (2018) Influence of pulsed electric fields and mitochondria-cytoskeleton interactions on cell respiration. Biophys J 114:2951-64.2018PMID: 29925031 Open Access
Vinnakota 2016a Biophys JVinnakota KC, Bazil JN, Van den Bergh F, Wiseman RW, Beard DA (2016) Feedback regulation and time hierarchy of oxidative phosphorylation in cardiac mitochondria. Biophys J 110:972-80.2016PMID: 26910434 Open Access
Vinnakota 2016b Biophys JVinnakota KC, Singhal A, Van den Bergh F, Bagher-Oskouei M, Wiseman RW, Beard DA (2016) Open-loop control of oxidative phosphorylation in skeletal and cardiac muscle mitochondria by Ca2+. Biophys J 110:954-61.2016PMID: 26910432
Liemburg-Apers 2015 Biophys JLiemburg-Apers DC, Schirris TJ, Russel FG, Willems PH, Koopman WJ (2015) Mitoenergetic dysfunction triggers a rapid compensatory increase in steady-state glucose flux. Biophys J 109:1372-86.2015PMID: 26445438
Dasika 2015 Biophys JDasika SK, Vinnakota KC, Beard DA (2015) Determination of the catalytic mechanism for mitochondrial malate dehydrogenase. Biophys J 108:408-19.2015PMID: 25606688 Open Access
Illaste 2012 Biophys JIllaste A, Laasmaa M, Peterson P, Vendelin M (2012) Analysis of molecular movement reveals latticelike obstructions to diffusion in heart muscle cells. Biophys J 102:739-48.2012
Jepihhina 2011 Biophys JJepihhina N, Beraud N, Sepp M, Birkedal R, Vendelin M (2011) Permeabilized rat cardiomyocyte response demonstrates intracellular origin of diffusion obstacles. Biophys J 101:2112-21.2011
Sepp 2010 Biophys JSepp M, Vendelin M, Vija H, Birkedal R (2010) ADP compartmentation analysis reveals coupling between pyruvate kinase and ATPases in heart muscle. Biophys J 98:2785-93.2010PMID:20550890
Chinopoulos 2009Chinopoulos C, Vajda S, Csanady L, Mandi M, Mathe K, Adam-Vizi V (2009) A Novel Kinetic Assay of Mitochondrial ATP-ADP Exchange Rate Mediated by the ANT. Biophys J 96, 2490-504. doi:10.1016/j.bpj.2008.12.39152009PMID: 24391134 Open Access
Saks 2003 Biophys JSaks V, Kuznetsov A, Andrienko T, Usson Y, Appaix F, Guerrero K, Kaambre T, Sikk P, Lemba M, Vendelin M (2003) Heterogeneity of ADP diffusion and regulation of respiration in cardiac cells. Biophys J 84:3436-56.2003PMID: 12719270 Open Access
Scaduto 1999 Biophys JScaduto RC Jr, Grotyohann LW (1999) Measurement of mitochondrial membrane potential using fluorescent rhodamine derivatives. Biophys J 76:469-77.1999PMID:9876159 Open Access
Scaduto 1999Scaduto Jr RC,Grotyohann LW (1999) Measurement of mitochondrial membrane potential using fluorescent rhodamine derivatives. Biophys J 76:469-77.1999PMID:9876159 Open Access
Fujitani 1997 Biophys JFujitani Y, Bedeaux D (1997) A molecular theory for nonohmicity of the ion leak across the lipid-bilayer membrane. Biophys J 73:1805-14.1997PMID: 9336176
Bunting 1989 Biophys JBunting JR, Phan TV, Kamali E, Dowben RM (1989) Fluorescent cationic probes of mitochondria. Metrics and mechanism of interaction. Biophys J 56:979-93.1989PMID:2605307 Open Access
Ehrenberg 1988 Biophys JEhrenberg B, Montana V, Wei MD, Wuskell JP, Loew LM (1988) Membrane potential can be determined in individual cells from the nernstian distribution of cationic dyes. Biophys J 53: 785-789.1988PMID: 3390520 Open Acess
Koga 1966 Biophys JKoga S, Echigo A, Nunomura K (1966) Physical properties of cell water in partially dried Saccharomyces cerevisiae.. Biophys J 6:665-74.1966PMID:5970569 Open Access
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