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Dias 2023 BiofactorsDias C, Fernandes E, Barbosa RM, Laranjinha J, Ledo A (2023) Astrocytic aerobic glycolysis provides lactate to support neuronal oxidative metabolism in the hippocampus. 49:875-86. PMID: 37070143
Morre 2011 BiofactorsMorrΓ© DJ, MorrΓ© DM (2011) Non-mitochondrial coenzyme Q. Biofactors 37:355-60.2011PMID:21674641
Hardeland 2009 BiofactorsHardeland R (2009) Melatonin: signaling mechanisms of a pleiotropic agent. Biofactors 35:183-92.2009PMID: 19449447
Bianchi 2003 BiofactorsBianchi C, Fato R, Genova ML, Parenti Castelli F, Lenaz G (2003) Structural and functional organization of Complex I in the mitochondrial respiratory chain. Biofactors 18:3-9.2003PMID:14695915
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