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Goldberg 2021 Biochem JPMID: 31092703 Open AccessGoldberg EJ, Buddo KA, McLaughlin KL, Fernandez RF, Pereyra AS, Psaltis CE, Lin CT, Hagen JT, Boykov IN, Nguyen TK, Gowdy KM, Ellis JM, Neufer PD, McClung JM, Fisher-Wellman KH (2021) Tissue-specific characterization of mitochondrial branched-chain keto acid oxidation using a multiplexed assay platform. Biochem J 476:1521-37.2021
Petrick 2019 Biochem JPMID: 30635360 » O2k-briefPetrick HL, Holloway GP (2019) High intensity exercise inhibits carnitine palmitoyltransferase-I sensitivity to L-carnitine. Biochem J 476:547-58.2019
Goldberg 2019 Biochem JPMID: 31092703Goldberg EJ, Buddo KA, McLaughlin KL, Fernandez RF, Pereyra AS, Psaltis CE, Lin CT, Hagen JT, Boykov IN, Nguyen TK, Gowdy KM, Ellis JM, Neufer PD, McClung JM, Fisher-Wellman KH (2019) Tissue-specific characterization of mitochondrial branched-chain keto acid oxidation using a multiplexed assay platform. Biochem J 476:1521-37.2019
Barbeau 2018 Biochem JPMID: 30111574Barbeau PA, Miotto PM, Holloway GP (2018) Mitochondrial derived reactive oxygen species influence ADP sensitivity, but not CPT-I substrate sensitivity. Biochem J 475:2997-3008.2018
Dallon 2017 Biochem JPMID: 29170160Dallon BW, Parker BA, Hodson AE, Tippetts TS, Harrison ME, Appiah MMA, Witt JE, Gibbs JL, Gray HM, Sant TM, Bikman BT (2017) Insulin selectively reduces mitochondrial uncoupling in brown adipose tissue in mice. Biochem J 475:561-9.2017
Kacso 2016 Biochem JPMID: 27496549 Open AccessKacso G, Ravasz D, Doczi J, Németh B, Madgar O, Saada A, Ilin P, Miller C, Ostergaard E, Iordanov I, Adams D, Vargedo Z, Araki M, Araki K, Nakahara M, Ito H, Gál A, Molnár MJ, Nagy Z, Patocs A, Adam-Vizi V, Chinopoulos C (2016) Two transgenic mouse models for β-subunit components of succinate-CoA ligase yielding pleiotropic metabolic alterations. Biochem J 473:3463-85.2016
Speijer 2016 Biochem JPMID: 27834740 Open AccessSpeijer D (2016) Being right on Q: shaping eukaryotic evolution. Biochem J 473:4103-27.2016
Liepinsh 2016 Biochem JPMID: 26936967Liepinsh E, Makrecka-Kuka M, Volska K, Kuka J, Makarova E, Antone U, Sevostjanovs E, Vilskersts R, Strods A, Tars K, Dambrova M (2016) Long-chain acylcarnitines determine ischaemia/reperfusion-induced damage in heart mitochondria. Biochem J 473:1191-202.2016
Miotto 2016 Biochem JPMID: 27402793Miotto PM, Holloway GP (2016) In the absence of phosphate shuttling, exercise reveals the in vivo importance of creatine-independent mitochondrial ADP transport. Biochem J 473:2831-43.2016
Hejzlarova 2015 Biochem JPMID:25588698Hejzlarová K, Kaplanová V, Nůsková H, Kovářová N, Ješina P, Drahota Z, Mráček T, Seneca S, Houštěk J (2015) Alteration of structure and function of ATP synthase and cytochrome c oxidase by lack of Fo-a and Cox3 subunits caused by mitochondrial DNA 9205delTA mutation. Biochem J 466:601-11.2015
Rodrigues 2016 Biochem JPMID: 26699902Rodrigues MF, Obre E, Melo FH, Santos-Jr GC, Galina A, Jasiulionis MG, Rossignol R, Rumjanek FD, Amoedo ND (2016) Enhanced OXPHOS, glutaminolysis and beta-oxidation constitute the metastatic phenotype of melanoma cells. Biochem J 473:703-15.2015
Echevarría 2014 Biochem JPMID:24579914Echevarría L, Clemente P, Hernández Sierra R, Gallardo ME, Fernández-Moreno MA, Garesse R (2014) Mammalian GatCAB is essential for mitochondrial translation 1 Glutamyl-tRNAGln amidotransferase is essential for mammalian mitochondrial translation in vivo. Biochem J 460:91-101.2014
Pulliam 2014 Biochem JPMID:24911525Pulliam DA, Deepa SS, Liu Y, Hill S, Lin AL, Bhattacharya A, Shi Y, Sloane L, Viscomi C, Zeviani M, Van Remmen H (2014) Complex IV-deficient Surf1(-/-) mice initiate mitochondrial stress responses. Biochem J 462:359-71.2014
Sabharwal 2013 Biochem JPMID:24044889 Open AccessSabharwal SS, Waypa GB, Marks JD, Schumacker PT (2013) Peroxiredoxin-5 targeted to the mitochondrial intermembrane space attenuates hypoxia-induced reactive oxygen species signalling. Biochem J 456:337–346.2013
Fetterman 2013 Biochem JPMID: 23924350 Open AccessFetterman JL, Zelickson BR, Johnson LW, Moellering DR, Westbrook DG, Pompilius M, Sammy MJ, Johnson M, Dunham-Snary KJ, Cao X, Bradley WE, Zhang J, Wei CC, Chacko B, Schurr TG, Kesterson RA, Dell'italia LJ, Darley-Usmar VM, Welch DR, Ballinger SW (2013) Mitochondrial genetic background modulates bioenergetics and susceptibility to acute cardiac volume overload. Biochem J 455:157-67.2013
Smith 2013 Biochem JPMID: 24073738 Open AccessSmith ME, Tippetts TS, Brassfield ES, Tucker BJ, Ockey A, Swensen AC, Anthonymuthu TS, Washburn TD, Kane DA, Prince JT, Bikman BT (2013) Mitochondrial fission mediates ceramide-induced metabolic disruption in skeletal muscle. Biochem J 456:427-39.2013
Koziel 2013 Biochem JPMID: 23514110 Open AccessKoziel R, Pircher H, Kratochwil M, Lener B, Hermann M, Dencher NA, Jansen-Duerr P (2013) Mitochondrial respiratory chain complex I is inactivated by NADPH oxidase Nox4. Biochem J 452:231-9.2013
Kuznetsov 2012 Biochem JPMID: 22551241 Open AccessKuznetsov AV, Guzun R, Boucher F, Bagur R, Kaambre T, Saks V (2012) Mysterious Ca2+-independent muscular contraction: déjà vu. Biochem J 445:333-6.2012
Simonin 2012 Biochem JPMID: 23039043 Open AccessSimonin V, Galina A (2012) Nitric oxide inhibits succinate dehydrogenase-driven oxygen consumption in potato tuber mitochondria in an oxygen tension-independent manner. Biochem J 449:263-73.2012
Gellerich 2012 Biochem JPMID: 22295911Gellerich FN, Gizatullina Z, Trumbeckaite S, Korzeniewski B, Gaynutdinov T, Seppet E, Vielhaber S, Heinze HJ, Striggow F (2012) Cytosolic Ca2+ regulates the energisation of isolated brain mitochondria by formation of pyruvate through the malate-aspartate shuttle. Biochem J 443:747-55.2012
Smith 2012 Biochem JPMID: 22928974Smith BK, Perry CG, Koves TR, Wright DC, Smith JC, Neufer PD, Muoio DM, Holloway GP (2012) Identification of a novel malonyl-CoA IC50 for CPT-I: implications for predicting in vivo fatty acid oxidation rates. Biochem J 448:13-20.2012
Pasdois 2011 Biochem JPMID: 21410437 Open AccessPasdois P, Parker JE, Griffiths EJ, Halestrap AP (2011) The role of oxidized cytochrome c in regulating mitochondrial reactive oxygen species production and its perturbation in ischaemia. Biochem J 436:493-505.2011
Smith 2011 Biochem JPMID:21463259Smith BK, Jain SS, Rimbaud S, Dam A, Quadrilatero J, Ventura-Clapier R, Bonen A, Holloway GP (2011) FAT/CD36 is located on the outer mitochondrial membrane, upstream of long-chain acyl-CoA synthetase, and regulates palmitate oxidation. Biochem J 437:125-34.2011
Brand 2011 Biochem J MD, Nicholls DG (2011) Assessing mitochondrial dysfunction in cells. Biochem J 435: 297-312.2011
Perry 2011 Biochem JPMID:21554250 Open AccessPerry CG, Kane DA, Lin CT, Kozy R, Cathey BL, Lark DS, Kane CL, Brophy PM, Gavin TP, Anderson EJ, Neufer PD (2011) Inhibiting myosin-ATPase reveals a dynamic range of mitochondrial respiratory control in skeletal muscle. Biochem J 437:215-22.2011
Fornunskova 2010 Biochem JPMID: 20307258 Open AccessFornuskova D, Stiburek L, Wenchich L, Vinsova K, Hansikova H, Zeman J (2010) Novel insights into the assembly and function of human nuclear-encoded cytochrome c oxidase subunits 4, 5a, 6a, 7a and 7b. Biochem J 428:363-74.2010
Murphy 2009 Biochem JPMID:19061483 Open AccessMurphy MP (2009) How mitochondria produce reactive oxygen species. Biochem J 417:1-13.2009
Pereira 2009 Biochem JPMID: 18945211 Open AccessPereira da Silva AP, El-Bacha T, Kyaw N, dos Santos RS, Da Silva WS, Almeida FC, Da Poian AT, Galina A (2009) Inhibition of energy-producing pathways of HepG2 cells by 3-bromopyruvate. Biochem J 417:717-26.2009
Mantena 2009 Biochem JPMID: 18752470 Open Access; pdfMantena SK, Vaughn Jr DP, Andringa KK, Eccleston HB, King AL, Abrams GA, Doeller JE, Kraus DW, Darley-Usmar V, Bailey SM (2009) High fat diet induces dysregulation of hepatic oxygen gradients and mitochondrial function in vivo. Biochem J 417:183–93.2009
Giulivi 2008 Biochem JPMID: 18588503 Open AccessGiulivi C, Ross-Inta C, Horton AA, Luckhart S (2008) Metabolic pathways in Anopheles stephensi mitochondria. Biochem J 415:309-16.2008
Muller 2008 Biochem JPMID: 17916065 Open AccessMuller FL, Liu Y, Abdul-Ghani MA, Lustgarten MS, Bhattacharya A, Jang YC, Van Remmen H (2008) High rates of superoxide production in skeletal-muscle mitochondria respiring on both Complex I- and Complex II-linked substrates. Biochem J 409:491–99.2008
Rodriguez-Juarez 2007 Biochem JPMID: 17441787 Open AccessRodriguez-Juarez F, Aguirre E, Cadenas S (2007) Relative sensitivity of soluble guanylate cyclase and mitochondrial respiration to endogenous nitric oxide at physiological oxygen concentration. Biochem J 405:223-31.2007
Amo 2007 Biochem JPMID: 17355224 Open AccessAmo T, Brand MD (2007) Were inefficient mitochondrial haplogroups selected during migrations of modern humans? A test using modular kinetic analysis of coupling in mitochondria from cybrid cell lines.. Biochem J 404:345-51.2007
Semenza 2007 Biochem JPMID:17555402Semenza GL (2007) Oxygen-dependent regulation of mitochondrial respiration by hypoxia-inducible factor 1. Biochem J 405:1-9.2007
Lou 2007 Biochem JPMID: 17608618 Open AccessLou PH, Hansen BS, Olsen PH, Tullin S, Murphy MP, Brand MD (2007) Mitochondrial uncouplers with an extraordinary dynamic range. Biochem J 407:129-40.2007
Zoccarato 2007 Biochem JZoccarato F, Cavallini L, Bortolami S, Alexandre A (2007) Succinate modulation of H2O2 release at NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase (Complex I) in brain mitochondria. Biochem J 406:125–9.2007
Mozo 2006 Biochem JPMID: 16178820 Open AccessMozo J, Ferry G, Studeny A, Pecqueur C, Rodriguez M, Boutin JA, Bouillaud F (2006) Expression of UCP3 in CHO cells does not cause uncoupling but controls mitochondrial activity in the presence of glucose. Biochem J 393:431-9.2006
Lambert 2004 Biochem JPMID:15175007 Open AccessLambert AJ, Brand MD (2004) Superoxide production by NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase (complex I) depends on the pH gradient across the mitochondrial inner membrane. Biochem J 382:511-7.2004
Huetter 2004 Biochem JPMID: 15018610 - Open AccessHütter E, Renner K, Pfister G, Stöckl P, Jansen-Dürr P, Gnaiger E (2004) Senescence-associated changes in respiration and oxidative phosphorylation in primary human fibroblasts. Biochem J 380:919-28.2004
Schoenfeld 2004 Biochem JPMID: 15198638 Open AccessSchönfeld P, Kahlert S, Reiser G (2004) In brain mitochondria the branched-chain fatty acid phytanic acid impairs energy transduction and sensitizes for permeability transition. Biochem J 383:121–28.2004
Rossignol 2003 Biochem JPMID:12467494Rossignol R, Faustin B, Rocher C, Malgat M, Mazat JP, Letellier T (2003) Mitochondrial threshold effects. Biochem J 370:751-62.2003
Hildyard 2003 Biochem JHildyard JC, Halestrap AP (2003) Identification of the mitochondrial pyruvate carrier in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Biochem J 374: 607-611.2003
Wieser 2001 Biochem JPMID:11284726 Open AccessWieser W, Krumschnabel G (2001) Hierarchies of ATP-consuming processes: direct compared with indirect measurements, and comparative aspects. Biochem J 355:389-395.2001
Saks 2001 Biochem JPMID: 11368796 Open AccessSaks VA, Kaambre T, Sikk P, Eimre M, Orlova E, Paju K, Piirsoo A, Appaix F, Kay L, Regitz-Zagrosek V, Fleck E, Seppet E (2001) Intracellular energetic units in red muscle cells. Biochem J 356:643-57.2001
Morillas 2000 Biochem JPMID:11023836/ Open AccessMorillas M, Clotet J, Rubí B, Serra D, Ariño J, Hegardt FG, Asins G (2000) Inhibition by etomoxir of rat liver carnitine octanoyltransferase is produced through the co-ordinate interaction with two histidine residues. Biochem J 351:495-502.2000
Spurway 1997 Biochem JPMID:9173869 Open AccessSpurway TD, Sherratt HA, Pogson CI, Agius L (1997) The flux control coefficient of carnitine palmitoyltransferase I on palmitate beta-oxidation in rat hepatocyte cultures. Biochem J 323:119-22.1997
Rasmussen 1996 Biochem JPMID: 8615844Rasmussen UF, Rasmussen HN, Andersen AJ, Fogd Jørgensen P, Quistorff B. (1996) Characterization of mitochondria from pig muscle: higher activity of exo-NADH oxidase in animals suffering from malignant hyperthermia. Biochem J 315:659-63.1996
Eaton 1996 Biochem JPMID:8973539 Open AccessEaton S, K Bartlett K, Pourfarzam M (1996) Mammalian mitochondrial beta-oxidation. Biochem J 320:345-57.1996
Griffiths 1995 Biochem JPMID:7717999Griffiths EJ, Halestrap AP (1995) Mitochondrial non-specific pores remain closed during cardiac ischaemia, but open upon reperfusion. Biochem J 307:93-98.1995
Canton 1995 Biochem JPMID: 7654185 Open AccessCanton M, Luvisetto S, Schmehl I, Azzone GF (1995) The nature of mitochondrial respiration and discrimination between membrane and pump properties. Biochem J 310:477-81.1995
Fandrey 1994 Biochem JPMID:7980410 Open AccessFandrey J, Frede S, Jelkmann W (1994) Role of hydrogen peroxide in hypoxia-induced erythropoietin production. Biochem J 303:507-10.1994
Loeber 1994 Biochem JPMID: 7818469 Open AccessLoeber G, Maurer-Fogy I, Schwendenwein R (1994) Purification, cDNA cloning and heterologous expression of the human mitochondrial NADP(+)-dependent malic enzyme. Biochem J 304:687-92.1994
Brown 1992 Biochem JPMID: 1599389 Open AccessBrown GC (1992) Control of respiration and ATP synthesis in mammalian mitochondria and cells. Biochem J 284:1-13.1992
Reed 1987 Biochem JPMC:1148462Reed JS, Ragan CI (1987) The effect of rate limitation by cytochrome c on the redox state of the ubiquinone pool in reconstituted NADH: cytochrome c reductase. Biochem J 247:657-62.1987
Vamecq 1987 Biochem JPMID: 3435468 Open AccessVamecq J, Schepers L, Parmentier G, Mannaerts GP (1987) Inhibition of peroxisomal fatty acyl-CoA oxidase by antimycin A. Biochem J 248:603-7.1987
Small 1985 Biochem JPMID: 3994682 Open AccessSmall GM, Burdett K, Connock MJ (1985) A sensitive spectrophotometric assay for peroxisomal acyl-CoA oxidase. Biochem J 227:205-10.1985
Joergensen 1985 Biochem JPMID:4052014 Open AccessJørgensen BM, Rasmussen HN, Rasmussen UF (1985) Ubiquinone reduction pattern in pigeon heart mitochondria. Identification of three distinct ubiquinone pools. Biochem J 229:621-9.1985
Sauer 1979 Biochem JPMID: 43139 Open AccessSauer LA, Dauchy RT, Nagel WO (1979) Identification of an NAD(P)+-dependent 'malic' enzyme in small-intestinal-mucosal mitochondria. Biochem J 184:185-8.1979
Boveris 1973 Biochem JPMID: 4749271 Open AccessBoveris A, Chance B (1973) The mitochondrial generation of hydrogen peroxide. General properties and effect of hyperbaric oxygen. Biochem J 134:707-16.1973
Gear 1970 Biochem JPMID: 5499970 Open AccessGear AR (1970) Inner- and outer-membrane enzymes of mitochondria during liver regeneration. Biochem J 120:577-87.1970
Koenig 1969 Biochem JOpen AccessKönig T, Nicholls DG, Garland PB (1969) The inhibition of pyruvate and Ls(+)-isocitrate oxidation by succinate oxidation in rat liver mitochondria. Biochem J 114:589-96.1969
Harris 1969 Biochem JHarris EJ, Manger JR (1969) Intersubstrate competitions and evidence for compartmentation in mitochondria. Biochem J 113:617-28.1969
Harris 1968 Biochem JOpen AccessHarris EJ, Manger JR (1968) Intramitochondrial substrate concentration as a factor controlling metabolism. The role of interanion competition. Biochem J 109:239-46.1968
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Haslam 1963 Biochem JHaslam JM, Krebs HA (1963) Substrate competition in the respiration of animal tissues. The metabolic interactions of pyruvate and α-oxoglutarate in rat-liver homogenates. Biochem J 86:432-46.1963
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Crabtree 1929 Biochem JPMC1254097Crabtree HG (1929) Observations on the carbohydrate metabolism of tumours. Biochem J 23:536–45.1929