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Bina 2022 Mol Cell Biochem

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Bînă AM, Aburel OM, Avram VF, Lelcu T, Lința AV, Chiriac DV, Mocanu AG, Bernad E, Borza C, Craina ML, Popa ZL, Muntean DM, Crețu OM (2022) Impairment of mitochondrial respiration in platelets and placentas: a pilot study in preeclamptic pregnancies.

» Mol Cell Biochem 477:1987-2000. PMID: 35389182 Open Access

Bina Anca M,  Aburel Oana M,  Avram Vlad F,  Lelcu Theia,  Linta Adina V,  Chiriac Daniela V, Mocanu Adelina G,  Bernad Elena,  Borza Claudia, Craina Marius L,  Popa Zoran L,  Muntean Danina M,  Cretu Octavian M (2022) Mol Cell Biochem

Abstract: Preeclampsia (PE) is a major complication of pregnancy with partially elucidated pathophysiology. Placental mitochondrial dysfunction has been increasingly studied as major pathomechanism in both early- and late-onset PE. Impairment of mitochondrial respiration in platelets has recently emerged as a peripheral biomarker that may mirror organ mitochondrial dysfunction in several acute and chronic pathologies. The present study was purported to assess mitochondrial respiratory dys/function in both platelets and placental mitochondria in PE pregnancies. To this aim, a high-resolution respirometry SUIT (Substrate-Uncoupler-Inhibitor-Titration) protocol was adapted to assess complex I (glutamate + malate)- and complex II (succinate)-supported respiration. A decrease in all respiratory parameters (basal, coupled, and maximal uncoupled respiration) in peripheral platelets was found in preeclamptic as compared to healthy pregnancies. At variance, placental mitochondria showed a dichotomous behavior in preeclampsia in relation to the fetal birth weight. PE pregnancies with fetal growth restriction were associated with decreased in coupled respiration (oxidative phosphorylation/OXPHOS capacity) and maximal uncoupled respiration (electron transfer/ET capacity). At variance, these respiratory parameters were increased for both complex I- and II-supported respiration in PE pregnancies with normal weight fetuses. Large randomized controlled clinical studies are needed in order to advance our understanding of mitochondrial adaptive vs. pathological changes in preeclampsia. Keywords: Fetal growth restriction, High-resolution respirometry, Mitochondria, Placenta, Platelet, Preeclampsia Bioblast editor: Plangger M O2k-Network Lab: RO Timisoara Muntean DM

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Labels: MiParea: Respiration, Developmental biology 

Organism: Human  Tissue;cell: Genital, Platelet  Preparation: Permeabilized cells, Isolated mitochondria, Intact cells 

Coupling state: LEAK, ROUTINE, OXPHOS, ET  Pathway: N, S, NS, ROX  HRR: Oxygraph-2k