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Name Bertero Edoardo, MD
Institution Comprehensive Heart Failure Center, WΓΌrzburg University Clinic, DE
Address Am Schwarzberg 15

Haus 15A, 97078

City WΓΌrzburg
Country DE
Email [email protected]
O2k-Network Lab DE Wuerzburg Maack C



Krause 2023 J Transl Med2023Krause J, Nickel A, Madsen A, Aitken-Buck HM, Stoter AMS, Schrapers J, Ojeda F, Geiger K, Kern M, Kohlhaas M, Bertero E, Hofmockel P, HΓΌbner F, Assum I, Heinig M, MΓΌller C, Hansen A, Krause T, Park DD, Just S, AΓ―ssi D, BΓΆrnigen D, Lindner D, Friedrich N, Alhussini K, Bening C, Schnabel RB, Karakas M, Iacoviello L, Salomaa V, Linneberg A, Tunstall-Pedoe H, Kuulasmaa K, Kirchhof P, Blankenberg S, Christ T, Eschenhagen T, Lamberts RR, Maack C, Stenzig J, Zeller T (2023) An arrhythmogenic metabolite in atrial fibrillation.
Kutschka 2023 Basic Res Cardiol2023Kutschka I, Bertero E, Wasmus C, Xiao K, Yang L, Chen X, Oshima Y, Fischer M, Erk M, Arslan B, Alhasan L, Grosser D, Ermer KJ, Nickel A, Kohlhaas M, Eberl H, Rebs S, Streckfuss-BΓΆmeke K, Schmitz W, Rehling P, Thum T, Higuchi T, Rabinowitz J, Maack C, Dudek J (2023) Activation of the integrated stress response rewires cardiac metabolism in Barth syndrome.
Bertero 2022 Function (Oxf)2022Bertero E, Maack C (2022) Rethinking Mitchell's chemiosmotic theory: potassium dominates over proton flux to drive mitochondrial F1Fo-ATP synthase. Function (Oxf) 3:zqac012.
Bertero 2020 Circ Res2020Bertero E, O'Rourke B, Maack C (2020) Mitochondria do not survive calcium overload during transplantation. Circ Res 126:784-86.
Sacchetto 2019 J Clin Med2019Sacchetto C, Sequeira V, Bertero E, Dudek J, Maack C, Calore M (2019) Metabolic alterations in inherited cardiomyopathies. J Clin Med 8:2195.
Bertero 2018 Nat Rev Cardiol2018Bertero E, Maack C (2018) Metabolic remodelling in heart failure. Nat Rev Cardiol 15:457-70.


Nickel 2018 IOC1302018Defects in mitochondrial calcium uptake precede defects of the respiratory chain in X-linked Barth syndrome cardiomyopathy.

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