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Opperdoes 2024 BMC GenomicsOpperdoes FR, Záhonová K, Škodová-Sveráková I, Bučková B, Chmelová Ľ, Lukeš J, Yurchenko V (2024) In silico prediction of the metabolism of Blastocrithidia nonstop, a trypanosomatid with non-canonical genetic code. BMC Genomics 25:184. 38365628 Open Access
Yan 2017 BMC GenomicsYan X, Eynon N, Papadimitriou ID, Kuang J, Munson F, Tirosh O, O’Keefe L, Griffiths LR, Ashton KJ, Byrne N, Pitsiladis YP, Bishop DJ (2017) The gene SMART study: method, study design, and preliminary findings. BMC Genomics 18:821.2017Open Access
Liu 2016 BMC GenomicsLiu S, Roellig DM, Guo Y, Li N, Frace MA, Tang K, Zhang L, Feng Y, Xiao L (2016) Evolution of mitosome metabolism and invasion-related proteins in Cryptosporidium. BMC Genomics 17:1006.2016
Jumbo-Lucioni 2012 BMC GenomicsJumbo-Lucioni P, Bu S, Harbison ST, Slaughter JC, Mackay TF, Moellering DR, De Luca M (2012) Nuclear genomic control of naturally occurring variation in mitochondrial function in Drosophila melanogaster. BMC Genomics 13:659.2012PMID: 23171078 Open Access