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Goetzman 2023 Antioxidants (Basel)Goetzman E, Gong Z, Zhang B, Muzumdar R (2023) Complex II biology in aging, health, and disease. Antioxidants (Basel) 12:1477. 37508015 Open Access
San-Millan 2023 Antioxidants (Basel)San-Millán I (2023) The key role of mitochondrial function in health and disease. Antioxidants (Basel) 12:782. 37107158 Open Access
Chavda 2023 Antioxidants (Basel)Chavda V, Lu B (2023) Reverse electron transport at mitochondrial Complex I in ischemic stroke, aging, and age-related diseases. Antioxidants (Basel) 12:895. 37107270 Open Access
Lee 2023 Antioxidants (Basel)Lee WE, Genetzakis E, Figtree GA (2023) Novel strategies in the early detection and treatment of endothelial cell-specific mitochondrial dysfunction in coronary artery disease. Antioxidants (Basel) 12:1359. 37507899 Open Access
Luptak 2023 Antioxidants (Basel)Ľupták M, Fišar Z, Hroudová J (2023) Different effects of SSRIs, Bupropion, and Trazodone on mitochondrial functions and monoamine oxidase isoform activity. Antioxidants (Basel) 12:1208. 37371937 Open Access
Cojocaru 2023 Antioxidants (Basel)Cojocaru KA, Luchian I, Goriuc A, Antoci LM, Ciobanu CG, Popescu R, Vlad CE, Blaj M, Foia LG (2023) Mitochondrial dysfunction, oxidative stress, and therapeutic strategies in diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. Antioxidants (Basel) 12:658. 36978905 Open Access
Airik 2023 Antioxidants (Basel)Airik M, Arbore H, Childs E, Huynh AB, Phua YL, Chen CW, Aird K, Bharathi S, Zhang B, Conlon P, Kmoch S, Kidd K, Bleyer AJ, Vockley J, Goetzman E, Wipf P, Airik R (2023) Mitochondrial ROS triggers KIN pathogenesis in FAN1-deficient kidneys. (Basel) 12:900. PMID: 37107275 Open Access
Horvath 2023 Antioxidants (Basel)Horváth T, Sándor L, Baráth B, Donka T, Baráth B, Mohácsi Á, Jász KD, Hartmann P, Boros M (2023) Methane admixture protects liver mitochondria and improves graft function after static cold storage and reperfusion. Antioxidants (Basel) 12:271. 36829829 Open Access
Yu 2023 Antioxidants (Basel)Yu T, Wang L, Zhang L, Deuster PA (2023) Mitochondrial fission as a therapeutic target for metabolic diseases: insights into antioxidant strategies. Antioxidants (Basel) 12:1163. 37371893 Open Access
Onukwufor 2022 Antioxidants (Basel)Onukwufor JO, Dirksen RT, Wojtovich AP (2022) Iron dysregulation in mitochondrial dysfunction and Alzheimer's disease. Antioxidants (Basel) 11:692. 35453377 Open Access
Lemminger 2022 Antioxidants (Basel)Lemminger AK, Fiorenza M, Eibye K, Bangsbo J, Hostrup M (2022) High-intensity exercise training alters the effect of N-acetylcysteine on exercise-related muscle ionic shifts in men. (Basel) 12:53. PMID: 36670915 Open Access
Cruz-Gregorio 2022 Antioxidants (Basel)Cruz-Gregorio A, Aranda-Rivera AK, Aparicio-Trejo OE, Medina-Campos ON, Sciutto E, Fragoso G, Pedraza-Chaverri J (2022) GK-1 Induces oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, decreased membrane potential, and impaired autophagy flux in a mouse model of breast cancer. (Basel) 12:56. PMID: 36670920 Open Access
Horvath 2022 Antioxidants (Basel)Horváth G, Sváb G, Komlódi T, Ravasz D, Kacsó G, Doczi J, Chinopoulos C, Ambrus A, Tretter L (2022) Reverse and forward electron flow-induced H2O2 formation is decreased in α-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase (α-KGDH) subunit (E2 or E3) heterozygote knock out animals. (Basel) 11:1487. PMID: 36009207 Open Access
Pinho 2022 Antioxidants (Basel)Pinho N, Bombaça AC, Wiśniewski JR, Dias-Lopes G, Saboia-Vahia L, Cupolillo E, de Jesus JB, de Almeida RP, Padrón G, Menna-Barreto R, Cuervo P (2022) Nitric oxide resistance in Leishmania (Viannia) braziliensis involves regulation of glucose consumption, glutathione metabolism and abundance of pentose phosphate pathway enzymes. (Basel) 11:277. PMID: 35204161 Open Access
Pruuchova 2022 Antioxidants (Basel)Průchová P, Gotvaldová K, Smolková K, Alán L, Holendová B, Tauber J, Galkin A, Ježek P, Jabůrek M (2022) Antioxidant role and cardiolipin remodeling by redox-activated mitochondrial Ca2+-independent phospholipase A in the brain.2022Antioxidants (Basel) Antioxidants (Basel). PMID: 35204081 Open Access
Peugnet 2022 Antioxidants (Basel)Peugnet V, Chwastyniak M, Mulder P, Lancel S, Bultot L, Fourny N, Renguet E, Bugger H, Beseme O, Loyens A, Heyse W, Richard V, Amouyel P, Bertrand L, Pinet F, Dubois-Deruy E (2022) Mitochondrial-targeted therapies require mitophagy to prevent oxidative stress induced by SOD2 inactivation in hypertrophied cardiomyocytes. (Basel) 11:723. PMID: 35453408 Open Access
Petry 2022 Antioxidants (Basel)Petry SF, Römer A, Rawat D, Brunner L, Lerch N, Zhou M, Grewal R, Sharifpanah F, Sauer H, Eckert GP, Linn T (2022) Loss and recovery of glutaredoxin 5 is inducible by diet in a murine model of diabesity and mediated by free fatty acids in vitro. (Basel) 11:788. PMID: 35453472 Open Access
Mas-Bargues 2022 Antioxidants (Basel)Mas-Bargues C, García-Domínguez E, Borrás C (2022) Recent approaches to determine static and dynamic redox state-related parameters. (Basel) 11:864. PMID: 35624728 Open Access
Fuertes-Agudo 2022 Antioxidants (Basel)Fuertes-Agudo M, Luque-Tévar M, Cucarella C, Brea R, Boscá L, Quintana-Cabrera R, Martín-Sanz P, Casado M (2022) COX-2 expression in hepatocytes improves mitochondrial function after hepatic ischemia-reperfusion injury.2022Antioxidants (Basel) 11:1724. PMID: 36139798 Open Access
Kampa 2022 Antioxidants (Basel)Kampa RP, Flori L, Sęk A, Spezzini J, Brogi S, Szewczyk A, Calderone V, Bednarczyk P, Testai L (2022) Luteolin-induced activation of mitochondrial BKCa channels: undisclosed mechanism of cytoprotection. (Basel) 11:1892. PMID: 36290615 Open Access
Ceja-Galicia 2022 Antioxidants (Basel)Ceja-Galicia ZA, García-Arroyo FE, Aparicio-Trejo OE, El-Hafidi M, Gonzaga-Sánchez G, León-Contreras JC, Hernández-Pando R, Guevara-Cruz M, Tovar AR, Rojas-Morales P, Aranda-Rivera AK, Sánchez-Lozada LG, Tapia E, Pedraza-Chaverri J (2022) Therapeutic effect of curcumin on 5/6Nx hypertriglyceridemia: association with the improvement of renal mitochondrial β-oxidation and lipid metabolism in kidney and liver. (Basel) 11:2195. PMID: 36358567 Open Access
Wu 2022 Antioxidants (Basel)Wu YL, Chang JC, Chao YC, Chan H, Hsieh M, Liu CS (2022) In vitro efficacy and molecular mechanism of curcumin analog in pathological regulation of spinocerebellar ataxia type 3. (Basel) 11:1389. PMID: 35883884 Open Access
Azzi 2022 Antioxidants (Basel)Azzi A (2022) Oxidative stress: What is it? Can it be measured? Where is it located? Can it be good or bad? Can it be prevented? Can it be cured? Antioxidants (Basel) 11:1431. 35892633 Open Access
Kuznetsov 2022 Antioxidants (Basel)Kuznetsov AV, Margreiter R, Ausserlechner MJ, Hagenbuchner J (2022) The complex interplay between mitochondria, ROS and entire cellular metabolism. Antioxidants (Basel) 11:1995. doi: 10.3390/antiox111019952022PMID: 36290718 Open Access
Choudhury 2021 Antioxidants (Basel)Choudhury FK (2021) Mitochondrial redox metabolism: the epicenter of metabolism during cancer progression. Antioxidants (Basel) 10:1838. 34829708 Open Access
Hidalgo-Gutierrez 2021 Antioxidants (Basel)Hidalgo-Gutiérrez A, González-García P, Díaz-Casado ME, Barriocanal-Casado E, López-Herrador S, Quinzii CM, López LC (2021) Metabolic targets of coenzyme Q10 in mitochondria. Antioxidants (Basel) 10:520. 33810539 Open Access
Sváb 2021 Antioxidants (Basel)Svàb G, Kokas M, Sipos I, Ambrus A, Tretter L (2021) Methylene blue bridges the inhibition and produces unusual respiratory changes in Complex III-inhibited mitochondria. Studies on rats, mice and guinea pigs. Antioxidants (Basel) 10:305.2021PMID:33669457 Open Access
Dominiak 2021 Antioxidants (Basel)Dominiak K, Jarmuszkiewicz W (2021) The Relationship between Mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species Production and Mitochondrial Energetics in Rat Tissues with Different Contents of Reduced Coenzyme Q. Antioxidants (Basel) 10:533.2021PMID:33805446 Open Access
Borisov 2021 Antioxidants (Basel)Borisov VB, Siletsky SA, Nastasi MR, Forte E (2021) ROS defense systems and terminal oxidases in bacteria. Antioxidants (Basel) 10:839.2021PMID: 34073980 Open Access
Babylon 2021 Antioxidants (Basel)Babylon L, Grewal R, Stahr PL, Eckert RW, Keck CM, Eckert GP (2021) Hesperetin nanocrystals improve mitochondrial function in a cell model of early Alzheimer disease. Antioxidants (Basel) 10:1003.2021PMID: 34201544 Open Access
Mazzoli 2021 Antioxidants (Basel)Mazzoli A, Spagnuolo MS, Nazzaro M, Gatto C, Iossa S, Cigliano L (2021) Fructose removal from the diet reverses inflammation, mitochondrial dysfunction, and oxidative stress in hippocampus. Antioxidants (Basel) 10:487.2021PMID: 33804637 Open Access
Mantle 2021 Antioxidants (Basel)Mantle D, Heaton RA, Hargreaves IP (2021) Coenzyme Q10, ageing and the nervous system: an overview. Antioxidants (Basel) 11:2. 35052506 Open Access
Forte 2021 Antioxidants (Basel)Forte E, Siletsky SA, Borisov VB (2021) In Escherichia coli ammonia inhibits cytochrome bo3 but activates cytochrome bd-I. Antioxidants (Basel) 10:E13.2021PMID: 33375541 Open Access
Juarez-Flores 2020 Antioxidants (Basel)Juarez-Flores DL, Ezquerra M, Gonzalez-Casacuberta I, Ormazabal A, Moren C, Tolosa E, Fucho R, Guitart-Mampel M, Casado M, Valldeoriola F, de la Torre-Lara J, Munoz E, Tobias E, Compta Y, Garcia-Garcia FJ, Garcia-Ruiz C, Fernandez-Checa JC, Marti MJ, Grau JM, Cardellach F, Artuch R, Fernandez-Santiago R, Garrabou G (2020) Disrupted mitochondrial and metabolic plasticity underlie comorbidity between age-related and degenerative disorders as Parkinson disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Antioxidants (Basel) 9:1063.2020PMID: 33143119 Open Access
Hafstad 2020 Antioxidants (Basel)Hafstad AD, Hansen SS, Lund J, Santos CXC, Boardman NT, Shah AM, Aasum E (2020) NADPH oxidase 2 mediates myocardial oxygen wasting in obesity. Antioxidants (Basel) 9:E171.2020PMID: 32093119 Open Access
Kuznetsov 2019 Antioxidants (Basel)Kuznetsov AV, Javadov S, Margreiter R, Grimm M, Hagenbuchner J, Ausserlechner MJ (2019) The role of mitochondria in the mechanisms of cardiac ischemia-reperfusion injury. Antioxidants (Basel) 8:454. 31590423 Open Access
Paradis 2019 Antioxidants (Basel)Paradis S, Charles AL, Georg I, Goupilleau F, Meyer A, Kindo M, Laverny G, Metzger D, Geny B (2019) Aging exacerbates ischemia-reperfusion-induced mitochondrial respiration impairment in skeletal muscle. Antioxidants (Basel) 8:E168.2019PMID: 31181751 Open Access
Reyes-Fermin 2019 Antioxidants (Basel)Reyes-Fermín LM, Avila-Rojas SH, Aparicio-Trejo OE, Tapia E, Rivero I, Pedraza-Chaverri J (2019) The protective effect of alpha-mangostin against cisplatin-induced cell death in LLC-PK1 cells is associated to mitochondrial function preservation. Antioxidants (Basel) 8:E133.2019PMID: 31096625 Open Access
Tetsi 2019 Antioxidants (Basel)Tetsi L, Charles AL, Georg I, Goupilleau F, Lejay A, Talha S, Maumy-Bertrand M, Lugnier C, Geny B (2019) Effect of the phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor sildenafil on ischemia-reperfusion-induced muscle mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress. Antioxidants (Basel) 8:E93.2019PMID: 30959961 Open Access
Fonseca 2018 Antioxidants (Basel)Fonseca J, Moradi F, Valente AJF, Stuart JA (2018) Oxygen and glucose levels in cell culture media determine resveratrol's effects on growth, hydrogen peroxide production, and mitochondrial dynamics. (Basel) 7:157. PMID: 30400646 Open Access
Rocha 2018 Antioxidants (Basel)Rocha S, Freitas A, Guimaraes SC, Vitorino R, Aroso M, Gomez-Lazaro M (2018) Biological implications of differential expression of mitochondrial-shaping proteins in parkinson's disease. Antioxidants (Basel) pii:e1.2018PMID: 29267236 - Open Access
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