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Am J Cancer Res

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Journal title and website American Journal of Cancer Research - Open Access


Lim 2015 Am J Cancer ResLim SC, Carey KT, McKenzie M (2015) Anti-cancer analogues ME-143 and ME-344 exert toxicity by directly inhibiting mitochondrial NADH: ubiquinone oxidoreductase (Complex I). Am J Cancer Res 5:689-701.2015Open Access PDF
Zhunussova 2015 Am J Cancer ResZhunussova A, Sen B, Friedman L, Tuleukhanov S, Brooks AD, Sensenig R, Orynbayeva Z (2015) Tumor microenvironment promotes dicarboxylic acid carrier-mediated transport of succinate to fuel prostate cancer mitochondria. Am J Cancer Res 5:1665-79.2015PMID: 26175936 Open Access