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2014 4th edition

The 4th edition was released at MiP2014 and IOC95, with a new chapter on coupling control and updated terminology on respiratory states, including an overview on flux control factors. Suggestions on corrections and improvements are highly appreciated: Email to:


  • It was a delight to meet you at UMDF in Pittsburgh and a delight to read your “Blue Book.” As a scientist re-learning mitochondriology, the Blue Book was extremely helpful, as is your Bioblast Glossary. You and Oroboros are doing a significant service to the scientific community! - Peter J. Oates (2014-07-08), Ph.D., Sr. Director, Research, Stealth Peptides Inc., Newton, MA 02466, USA. -
  • Thank you for the "Blue book"! I was surprised when I found the conference 2013 book with the Blue book [...] and I felt disappointed because I couldn't attend the conference... This book is full of interesting topics, lectures and abstracts! - Igor Golic (2014), University of Belgrade, Cell and Tissue Biology Dept., RS.