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O2k-technical support and open innovation

- we provide service and support based on open innovation
Oroboros support


Find information quickly with MitoPedia, the Bioblast glossary with lists of key words and links to relevant pages, specifically and the O2k and high-resolution respirometry:

» MitoPedia:_O2k_hardware
» MitoPedia:_DatLab
» MitoPedia:_SUIT: Substrate-uncoupler-inhibitor-titration protocols



The O2k-Manual helps beginners and experienced users. Context sensitive help is provided in the DatLab software: » MitoPedia:_DatLab
» Polarographic oxygen sensors: calibration, accuracy and quality control SOP » MiPNet06.03 POS-calibration-SOP
» Instrumental O2 background correction, accuracy of oxygen flux and SOP » MiPNet14.06 Instrumental O2 background



» O2k-Videosupport



O2k-Procedures explain various applications of the O2k with O2k-Demo experiments, and more: » O2k-Procedures
» O2k-Procedures:_MitoPathways
Pesta 2012 Methods Mol Biol Fig7A.jpg
» O2k-Demo experiments
» O2k-Chemicals and media
PBI-Shredder O2k-Set
» O2k-mitochondrial preparations
» O2k-Procedures:_Mitochondrial_and_marker-enzymes
  • Implement your quality control management with the MitoFit QCS, to diagnose technical problems fast and cost-effectively with instrumental quality control tests.


Frequently Asked Questions

» Oroboros FAQ

Oroboros support system

Open innovation

  • Open innovation extends the support given to individual users to the scientific community and provides feedback to improve the scope and documentation of the O2k-technology - in the spirit of Gentle Science.
  • We welcome and value feedback. Technical and scientific questions, which are not yet addressed in the available guidelines or are difficult to trace on our website, will be relevant to both specialists and beginners in the field.
Extended O2k-technical support
  • O2k-technical support is defined as extended if support is requested on O2k-technology and high-resolution respirometry without prior consulting the O2k-Manual and relevant chapters on O2k-Procedures.
  • Acceptance of extended O2k-technical support with an open innovation agreement for each individual case implies that Oroboros Instruments may publish the relevant correspondence or a summary of the correspondence addressing technical and scientific questions on our website, including names, institutional and Email addresses.
  • Regular consultancy fees apply for extended O2k-technical support requested without open innovation agreement.
Oroboros support

O2k-technical support

An application problem can be diagnosed on the basis of the O2 sensor and O2k-chamber tests. If proper instrumental performance is obtained, software and hardware problems are excluded.
Service for DatLab 6 and previous versions is discontinued.
  1. Hardware problems may be solved by user-service: In particular, the OroboPOS (polarographic oxygen sensor) requires user-service at intervals (these may be more than 1 year), and SOPs are available to determine if a sensor service is required at an earlier or later date.
  2. Hardware problems may require replacement of a defective spare part.
  3. Some electronic or mechanical defects may be solved only by service of the O2k in the workshop of Oroboros Instruments, e.g. a defective Peltier unit.

O2k Quality Control

The O2 sensor and O2k chamber tests are important to eliminate instrumental artefacts (Instrumental quality control: O2k-QC), distinguished from Assay QC addressing problems of solution protocols (preparation of chemicals), sample preparation protocols, and SUIT protocols.
  1. Biological experiments are not suitable for trouble shooting.
  2. Clean O2k-Chambers and contamination-free incubation medium are required.
  3. Analysis of DatLab files recorded in such instrumental tests is essential.
The sequence of Instrumental QC tests is strictly
  1. O2 sensor test,
  2. O2k-chamber test.
O2 sensor test

O2 sensor test

Many technical problems with the O2 channel can be analyzed and solved with the O2 sensor test, described in detail:
» O2 sensor test: Oxygen sensor test

O2k-chamber test

If all quality control criteria of the O2 sensor test are met, the operator can be assured that the quality of the sensor signal is acceptable. Next, the quality of the O2k-Chamber assembly has to be tested, described in detail:
» O2k-chamber test: QC2 Instrumental O2 background

The 2-chamber design of the O2k

The two chamber design of the O2k has many benefits, including advantages in trouble shooting. By switching components between sides A and B of the O2k, it is usually possible to locate an instrumental problem, finding selectively a specific defective component of the O2k. This component can then be serviced by the end user or replaced by Oroboros without the need to ship the entire O2k.

Cost estimation for repair

A cost estimation for repair of the O2k-Main Unit due to an electronic or mechanical defect can only be given after inspection of the O2k by our workshop in Austria. Once a cost estimation has been provided, the repair is carried out after the customer’s consent. For shipment of the O2k, follow the detailed instructions.


The O2k-Network

The Oroboros O2k-Network serves to connect and support: Contact for advice on applications of the O2k and high-resolution respirometry - the global network in mitochondrial physiology.
» The O2k-Network Labs: » O2k-Network
» O2k-Network discussion forum


» In case you need further technical support and for your valuable feedback, please contact support@oroboros.at
» Oroboros MitoFit Laboratory - open for innovation and cooperation.
» Oroboros Science Scholarships - are offered for focused research projects on mitochondrial physiology and high-resolution respirometry

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