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DatLab installation



We recommend a 'clean install' for DatLab installation: rename your previous DatLab programme subdirectory (e.g. C:\DatLab_OLD). The standard Instrumental and SUIT DL-Protocols package is automatically implemented with the simple DatLab programme installation.

PC requirements

  • A PC or notebook is required (not included in our offers), connecting DatLab to the O2k via the USB cable supplied with the O2k.
  • Minimum requirements: Intel-Core-2 or equivalent CPU, 2GB RAM, Windows XP
  • Recommended: Intel i5 or equivalent CPU, 4GB RAM, Windows 10, SSD
  • Working recommendation: For data safety reasons and optimal DatLab performance it is strongly recommended to operate your DatLab files, DL-Protocols and DatLab templates on the PC‘s local HDD.


  • From the Oroboros USB-flash drive delivered with the O2k.
  • O2k users can download the DatLab software from the Oroboros website: » www.oroboros.at
:::: Install DatLab for two or more O2ks on one computer
  1. Install two (or more) copies of DatLab in two (or more) different directories, e.g. DatLab_O2k1 and DatLab_O2k2.
  2. Create two or more shortcuts to the different .exe files. (the .exe files do not have to be renamed because they are in different directories). In this way, the O2k-specific .ini files are separated in the different directories.
  3. Assign different Power-O2k numbers and activate Graph/Display Power-O2k (see Display_Power-O2k) to distinguish the individual O2ks in the graphs.


  • Compatibility with previous DatLab versions: DatLab is downwards compatible: DLD files generated by previous DatLab versions can be analyzed using the current version.

Information for IT-administrators

DatLab does not write any part of the registry nor to any directory besides the program directory and its subdirectories, the data-directory and the user's temporary files folder.

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