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Bioblast editorial board

  • BB Editor-in-chief: Gnaiger Erich, OROBOROS INSTRUMENTS Corp, Innsbruck, Austria, and Medical University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria. Email: (2010-)

BB Section editors

Why a wiki editorial board?

We intend to provide the Bioblast wiki as an open forum and 'information synthase' in the field of mitochondrial physiology. It took a few months until the BB wiki was discovered by the SPAM distributors, and free access to generate a personal user account had to be discontinued. Apart from attacks by the unfriendly abuse of the open wiki, we need to develop a transparent strategy for securing our aim at a scientifically based information website. Thus we invite colleagues from all-over-the world to contact us for creating a personal account, and to join us as members of the BB editorial board. ~ Gnaiger Erich 17:19, 24 December 2011 (CET)

BB editorial tasks
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Scientific contributions should not be anonymous. Names of authors should be included in a standard format - a scientific strategy in the spirit of Open Access and Open Innovation.
  1. Mitochondr Physiol Network
  2. MiPNet - Special MiPNet contribution by an author, edited (added to Bioblast) by and editor. Example: Diapause.
  3. Pages in MitoPedia - Examples: Dataset, Substrate-uncoupler-inhibitor titration
Different editors may contribute to a page or a section of a page at different times. Here is a possible format, and suggestions are welcome:
  1. First entry: "_Contributed by Name A 2016-01-31"
  2. Further edited by the same author, restricted to the date of the last edit: "_Contributed by Name A 2016-01-31, edited 2016-02-08"
  3. Further edited by another author, restricted to the dates of the last edits: "_Contributed by Name A 2016-01-31, edited 2016-02-08; edited by Name B 2016-02-08"

Personal data published in the Bioblast wiki

Personal data are published in the Bioblast wiki, e.g. in the context of abstracts or references, in the form of professional addresses and Email addresses. This information is helpful for networking. In general, such information is published in the Bioblast website with the consent of anybody involved. We appreciate any instruction on data (e.g. Email address, team members) that should be corrected or should not be published.

How do you become a member of the Bioblast editorial board?

Scientists and students of mitochondrial physiology are invited to join the BB editorial board, to help us maintaining a high and up-to-date scientific standard of the Bioblast wiki. Please, send a message to Ondrej Capek for receiving your personal active user account, and to Erich Gnaiger to join as a BB National editor.
BB National editors
  • Communicate regularly with MiPNet Reference Laboratories to obtain feedback on the Bioblast wiki.
  • Ask them regularly about updates on their O2k-Publications and complete the list of publications.
  • Help them to update their Bioblast page.
  • Perhaps introduce a specific member of the lab to actively participate in updating their page.
  • Communicate with the advisory board about problems and structural improvements of the Bioblast wiki.