Antimycin A

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Antimycin A


Antimycin A is an inhibitor of Complex III (CIII). It binds to the Qi site of CIII and inhibits the transfer of electrons from heme bH to oxidized Q (Qi site inhibitor). High concentrations of antimycin A also inhibit acyl-CoA oxidase and D-amino acid oxidase.

Abbreviation: Ama

Reference: MiPNet09.12

MitoPedia topics: Inhibitor 

Application in HRR

Ama: Antimycin A (from Streptomyces sp.) Sigma A 8674, 25 mg, store at -20 °C: FW = 540
Caution: Very toxic. Chemicals stored in the fridge or freezer should be allowed to reach room temperature before opening.
Preparation of 5 mM stock solution (dissolved in 99.9% ethanol):
  1. Weigh 5.4 mg of antimycin A into a small glass vial. Caution: Ama is hygroscopic.
  2. Add 2 mL ethanol.
  3. Divide into 0.2 mL portions in clear glass vials.
  4. Store at -20 °C.
O2k manual titrations MiPNet09.12 O2k-Titrations
  • Titration volume: 1 µL using a 10 µL syringe (2 mL O2k-Chamber).
  • Final concentration: 2.5 µM.


  • Myxothiazol - this CIII inhibitor induces less ROS production but is more expensive than Ama.

Antimycin A and ROS production

  • Is hydrogen peroxide production measured after inhibition of the Electron transfer-pathway by rotenone and antimycin A of diagnostic significance? - Please, share your evidence (Email to

Inhibition of acyl-CoA oxidase and D-amino acid oxidase

  • Vamecq J, Schepers L, Parmentier G, Mannaerts GP (1987) Inhibition of peroxisomal fatty acyl-CoA oxidase by antimycin A. Biochem J 248:603-7. - »Bioblast link«